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Scholarships in the College of Liberal Arts

How To Apply

All the info you need to apply for scholarships in the College of Liberal Arts

Blake Leadership Scholars

Scholarship opportunity for incoming, first-year students

Thanking Your Donor

Express your gratitude for your scholarship by thanking your donor

Scholarship Stories

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Emergency Funding Request

The College of Liberal Arts offers financial aid to cover emergencies that are unforeseen and unrelated to the normal cost of attendance.

College and Department Scholarships

Use the filtering tools below to explore the scholarships available to students in the College of Liberal Arts.


Prospective students include newly admitted first year or transfer students that are incoming to the University.

Transfer students are defined as a student who has attended a regionally accredited college or university after high school graduation.

Current students encompasses all students actively enrolled in at least one course at CSU.


Student level is determined by the number of credit hours completed toward your degree. Undergraduate students are broken into four class levels:

  • First year 0-29
  • Sophomore 30-59
  • Junior 60-89
  • Senior 90 and over

Graduate students are defined as students who completed a bachelor’s degree and are now enrolled in a graduate program (master’s or doctoral).


Residency classification is determined at the time of admission to CSU. To qualify for Colorado residency, a student must have permanent and legal residence in the state of Colorado for at least 12 continuous months prior to the first day of classes each semester. More information is available at the Office of Financial Aid.


Scholarships are available on a merit or need basis. Merit scholarships are awarded entirely on a student’s merits, such as academics, test scores, extracurricular activities, etc. Need-based scholarships require that the recipient demonstrate financial need as determined by the office of financial aid. In order to help determine financial need, students should submit a FAFSA or CASFA.


Scholarships marked as first generation are exclusively available to students whose parents or guardians have not completed a bachelor's degree.


Scholarships that are available to students who are involved in specific centers, programs, or organizations across campus.


Certain scholarships have a minimum GPA requirement for eligibility.

Marion F Freemen Humanities Scholarship

Anthropology and GeographyCommunication StudiesEnglishHistoryLanguages, Literatures and CulturePhilosophy
Graduate StudentJuniorSeniorSophomore
Required GPA: 3.0