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Student Ambassadors


The College of Liberal Arts Student Ambassador Program is a team of passionate student leaders committed to upholding the Principles of Community, embracing the cornerstones of the Ambassador Philosophy, and advocating for the value of a liberal arts degree from Colorado State University.

CLA Student Ambassadors serve to strengthen the College of Liberal Arts by contributing to its strategic recruitment efforts, serving as authentic and professional representatives for the college, and supporting prospective students, families and guests, current students, faculty, staff and alumni in order to instill a positive first and lasting impression of the college and university.

Are you a prospective CSU student interested in a program of study within the College of Liberal Arts? Schedule a personalized visit with a CLA Ambassador.


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Student Ambassador

CLA Ambassadors provide support through participation in a variety of strategic recruitment initiatives aimed at promoting the value of a liberal arts degree (from Colorado State University), providing personalized attention and meaningful experiences for prospective students and families, and supporting other needs as outlined by program leadership. For more information, view the full position description.


Student Coordinator

The program is also supported by three Student Coordinators responsible for working closely with the program supervisor to provide consistent leadership, serve as a resource for all members of the team, and coordinate meaningful programming throughout the year. Student Coordinators are selected in the areas of Marketing & Events, Campus Visits & Tours, and Leadership Development & Communication. Each coordinator has additional responsibilities specific to their position. For more information, view the full position description.

Student Coordinators receive a $3,000 scholarship through the Dean’s Office for the full academic year.


Interested in becoming a CLA Ambassador?

To be considered, submit your online application before the deadline during our next hiring cycle. At the point of application, we will request a resume and two references. One reference must be from a university faculty or staff member, preferably from the College of Liberal Arts.

Applications are being accepted through February 25, 2024. 


Applications are being accepted through February 25, 2024. 

A typical hiring cycle begins with the application deadline. Applications must be submitted on time to guarantee consideration.

In-person interviews take place beginning one week after the application deadline. Video interviews are available as needed.  We strive to notify candidates about whether they have been selected in a timely manner. Usually, we notify selected candidates within a week after our final candidate interview.

For questions or more information, contact the Student Coordinator for Leadership Development and Communication, Hannah Prinzi, at

Minimum Qualifications (required for consideration when the application reopens) 

  • Completed at least 15 credits (at CSU) at the time of application
  • Primary major in the College of Liberal Arts
  • 3.0 cumulative GPA minimum at time of application, maintained each term in the role


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Know an incredible student in the College of Liberal Arts or are you a student interested in joining the organization?

We're now accepting nominations for ambassadors and collecting interested students' information.