Established in 1986, this endowed scholarship honors Cecil Neth, renowned journalist and former faculty member. The award is made possible by faculty, staff, friends, alumni and the Neth family.


  • Applicant must be a Journalism major
  • Selection based on achievement in journalistic work, such as an internship at the Collegian, Silver Spruce, KCSU, or a part-time job in journalism
  • Demonstrates financial need
Scholarship Details


Cecil Berle Neth began his career in journalism in high school where he was the editor of the yearbook and a member of the school newspaper staff. He served in the Air Force during World War II and the Korean War and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross. During the Korean War, he worked on The Stars and Stripes and as a correspondent for the Paris Herald Tribune and The London Daily Telegraph. After the war, he worked on The Wheaton Journal and The Chicago Sun-Times. Cecil taught editing and reporting in the Department of Technical Journalism at Colorado State University for seven years. He served on the Board of Student communications, supervised the journalism internship program, brought a Gannett Grant for Visiting Journalists to the department and became known for his famous spaghetti dinners. Mr. Neth was named the department's professor of the year in 1981 and he also earned recognition as Sigma Delta Chi's statewide Journalism Educator of the Year. He was a man who make people laugh and who could scare the living daylights out of them when he wanted to. But underneath his sometimes gruff exterior was a tender man with a passion for his family, for life, and for the written word. He overcame great sadness and struggles in life to become the kind of father who read his children to sleep with poetry, who invented songs while shaving and who had the courage to fight for his convictions even when they weren't popular.