First Generation Students

Opening doors through education


As first-generation faculty and allies, we have seen firsthand that an education can open doors and empower people. We also know what you are going through at every step, from applying to CSU, to starting your first semester, and getting to your senior year.

If you have questions about navigating any part of your college experience, we encourage you to use the contact form below and get in touch with us.




  • Natalie Barnes

    • Instructor and Advisor

    Art and Art History

  • Dakota Cotner

    • Academic Success Coordinator

    Journalism & Media Communication

  • Bryan Gillispie

    • Director, I.T.

    CLA Dean's Office

  • Dayanna Juarez

    • Administrative Assistant

    Academic Support Center and CLA Dean's Office

  • Stephen McConnell

    • Instructor, Doctoral Candidate

    Journalism & Media Communication

  • Caity Minard

    • Visitor Services Manager

    Art and Art History and Art Museum

  • Lillian Nugent

    • Assistant to the Chair


  • Kim Rife

    • Graduate Coordinator

    Journalism & Media Communication

  • Kate Sherman

    • Administrative Assistant III/Assistant to the Undergraduate Program

    Political Science

  • Bruce Shields

    • Academic Success Coordinator

    Academic Support Center, Communication Studies, and Economics

  • Elizabeth Terry-Emmot

    • Director, Academic Success Coordinator

    Academic Support Center, CLA Dean's Office, and International Studies

  • Cole Wise

    • Scholarship and Student Program Coordinator

    CLA Dean's Office

Get in Touch

Send us a note if you'd like information about or assistance with first-generation programs at CSU.