Clark Revitalization

"A Transformed Clark"

With initial legislative support, the Clark project has begun. Over the next 3-4 years, and subsequent funding approvals, the Clark Building will be transformed from a place of transactions to a place worthy of the 21st century education that occurs within its walls.

This website contains information about move out, phases of construction, stories of Clark and the people within it, and more. It will be updated regularly throughout the revitalization process.

Page updated May 3, 2024

Clark Construction Updates


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Getting Around and Into the Clark Building

End of July 2024

  • Abatement and window removal in Clark B is completed.
  • Temporary walls on the north side of the building of Clark C (to the outside and to the hallways of Clark B) have been erected.
  • Starting July 25, demolition of Clark B will begin. This involves the grinding and crushing of concrete which will impact noise levels significantly.
  • Demolition work will occur daily between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Additional trucks will be on site to remove material and water will be used to contain dust as much as possible.
  • Demolition work will occur for 3 months (through October).

Additional maps and information available on Facilities Management's website.

Where Did Everybody Go?

Note: the locations below are temporary for the duration of the construction project; these departments, units, and centers will relocate again once construction is completed.

  • The Department of Anthropology and Geography moved their operations to the General Services Building, 3rd floor.
  • Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and International Studies moved to Clark C 1st floor
  • Arts Management moved to Eddy 125
  • Sport Management moved to 555 Howes St. Building
  • Center for Public Deliberation and Center for Environmental Justice moved to the Tiley House on Pitkin St. and College Ave.
  • Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRISS) moved to Howes St. Building.
  • Straayer Center for Public Service Leadership moved to the Morgan Library.
  • The university is pursuing the lease of modular buildings in the former Aylesworth area (once the site of the proposed Meridian building); History and Sociology will move to those locations in May.
  • Academic Success Coordinators will move to spaces in Hartshorn in May.

Construction Safety

A set of very stringent state regulations mandate safety standards surrounding demolition and construction, which includes full containment during the process and air-testing happening multiple times every hour.
FAQ about air quality and safety.

Clark Flythrough

Watch the video below for a preview of external and internal renderings of the new Clark.


The Clark Revitalization will take 3-4 years. Below is a timeline of activity as we know it.

Major Milestones & Communications


  • Initial cost estimate for the Clark revitalization based on design concepts designed by Facilities Management
  • Project presentation to CSU System and Board of Governors


Pandemic pause


  • First round of funding from the state legislature ($38M)
  • Project announced via video, Source
  • Design-build firm Haselden Construction and Hord Coplan Macht selected


January – May

Program planning conducted by Haselden Construction and Hord Coplan Macht, including creation of floor plan schematics

  • Solicited feedback from students, faculty and staff in Clark
  • Set sustainability goals
  • Developed diagrams based on program feedback
  • Program plan review and approval
  • Cost check

HCM conducts listening sessions with students, faculty, and staff

Program planning and program verification

Second round of funding from the state legislature ($24M)

May – July

Program verification: final program document and floor plans

Move out of Clark A basement

Conversations about cost escalation and decision about direction of revitalization

August – November

Abatement, analysis, and preparations for Clark A

Source story announcing the direction of the revitalization

November – December

Schematic designs finalized by design-build firm


January – June

Clark A is offline and revitalization begins. (Estimated completion Summer 2025)

  • Clark A exterior, classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, wayfinding. See FAQ "What exactly is happening to Clark?"

Move out of Clark B

June – October

Abatement and demolition of Clark B begins

November – December

Construction on new build in place of Clark B begins. (Estimated completion Summer 2027.)

Stories about Clark

Want to know about Clark’s creation, its architect, and how its stood the test of time? Read these stories and watch this presentation from history graduate students.