Dean's Staff Directory



Ben Withers

Ph.D. in Art History, University of Chicago

Hailing from University of Kentucky where he served as associate provost for undergraduate education and dean of undergraduate studies, Dr. Withers brings over 20 years of experience in higher education - ten of which were exclusively in administration - to the College of Liberal Arts.

(970) 491-5421


Michael Carolan

Professor of Sociology; Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Affairs

Ph.D. in Sociology, Iowa State University

(970) 491-5797

Roze Hentschell

Professor, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Ph.D. in English, University of California, Santa Barbara

(970) 491-6158

Alexandra Bernasek

Sr. Associate Dean, Professor

Ph.D University of Michigan



Constance DeVereaux

Director and Associate Professor, LEAP Institute for the Arts

Ph.D. in Philosophy and Political Science

(970) 491-3902

Kevin Foskin

Director, Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts

MFA in Fine/Studio Arts and Fiction, Colorado State University

(970) 491-2259

Andrea Duffy

Director, International Studies

Ph.D., History, Georgetown University, 2013


970-491-5421; For advising appointments: 970-491-3117


The advising team
The advising team

Office Located at C207 Clark

Over 15 liberal arts academic success coordinators will help you decide which major and courses fit into your path.

Contact the office by email, phone or in person.
(970) 491-3117

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Elizabeth Terry-Emmot

Director, Academic Success Coordinator


Beth Etter

Director of Communications

M.A. in English, Colorado State University

(970) 491-2374

Nicolle McMurray

Digital Media Specialist

B.S. in Business Administration and B.A. in Journalism & Media Communication, Colorado State University

(970) 491-5502


Tonya Malik-Carson

Director of Development

MFA in LeCoq based physical theater, London International School of the Performing Arts

(970) 491-3558

Shannon Dale

Assistant Director of Development

M.A. English, Colorado State University

(970) 491-5120

Savannah Kacher

Assistant Director of Development

B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and Journalism, Wheaton College

(970) 491-4030

Brittany Lesar

Development Assistant

Communication Studies, Colorado State University

(970) 491-5107

Holly Fink

Cultural Anthropology and Sociology

Finance & Budget

Wes Scharf

Financial Officer

Master of Business Administration, University of Colorado

(970) 491-5398

Dawn Rumley

Accounting Tech

Associate's Degree in English

(970) 491-3737


Bryan Gillispie

Director, I.T.

Master of Business Administration

(970) 491-2223

Ken Wilcock

IT Coordinator

B.S. in Applied Computing Technology and B.A. in History, Colorado State University

(970) 491-5421

Katie Lungren

IT Coordinator

B.A. in Anthropology, Colorado State University


John Russell

Web Design and Development Coordinator

B.S. in Digital Art and Design

(970) 492-4051

Brennen Kaylor

Web Designer

B.A. in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts



Colleen Weitzel

Assistant to the Dean for Internal Relations

B.A. in Journalism and Technical Communication, Colorado State University

(970) 491-7191

Debbie Zakely

Office Manager

B.A. in Social Sciences, Colorado State University

(970) 491-4080

Magdeline Golnar

Administrative Assistant

BFA in Graphic Design, Colorado State University

(970) 491-6494

Julie Pinkston

Administrative Assistant

B.S. Landscape Horticulture - Colorado State University

(970) 491-5421


Erika Ryan

Recruitment Coordinator

Masters in Computer Information Systems (Expected May '20)

Office (970) 491-1194; Cell (970) 821-5276


Catherine Coleman Kane

Director of Research Support

B.S. in Public Relations, University of Florida

(970) 491-5394