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Turner Ronny Established in 2003, this scholarship honors the memory of Dr. Ronny E. Turner and is made possible by gifts from colleagues and former students.


1) Undergraduate sociology major 2) Financial need as established by Student Financial Services 3) Maintain overall 3.0 GPA 4) Preference to students showing interest in social psychology


Dr. Ronny E. Turner was born in Roscoe, Texas, on Jan. 2, 1942. He grew up on a small west Texas cotton farm. He held bachelor's and master's degrees from Texas Tech University and a doctorate from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He came to Colorado State University in the fall of 1969 where he was a full professor in the Department of Sociology. Throughout his career, he received numerous awards for his teaching. In 1996-97 he received the Best of Colorado State University: Best Professor and Best Courses award. Dr. Turner was recognized as a master teacher. He was a beloved, dynamic and charismatic teacher who attracted large numbers of students to his classes. In 1999 he was awarded the Oliver P. Pennock Distinguished Service Award in recognition of meritorious and outstanding achievement, one of the highest honors a Colorado State employee can receive. His colleagues in the Department of Sociology consistently elected him to the Executive Committee, a remarkable tribute to his dedication and service to the university community. Dr. Turner taught and did research in the areas of symbolic interaction, deviance, religion, medicine and humor. During the past few years, he taught a capstone course for department majors, a unique course because of Dr. Turner's use of humor as a theme for deepening students' application of social theory and research methods. Dr. Turner found a great deal of pleasure in numerous hobbies. The family loved the mountains, where they frequently hiked and snowshoed. The mountain environment also was his favorite for motorcycle touring. At home, Ronny was a master gardener and created a wide array of miniature mountain landscapes and waterscapes both indoors and outdoors. He created rock/flower gardens and a backyard habitat that attracted numerous bird and butterfly species. His yard was adorned with his artistic creations that included metal art sculptures from farm relics that included his grandfather's hand-drawn plow from the late 1800s, railroad spikes from an extinct railroad near his family farm, small tools and other artifacts from the family farm. Other hobbies included assembling kits for miniature tractors and trains, maintaining a 75-gallon, fresh-water fish aquarium and dabbling in amateur wildlife photography. He found pleasure from numerous hobbies, but especially those that provided an outlet for his endless creativity.