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Student Types

  • Current
  • Transfer

Class Levels

  • Junior
  • Senior

Resident Statuses

  • Colorado Resident
  • Non-Resident

Scholarship Type

  • Need-Based

Special Interests

  • Pre-Law

Required GPA



1) Full-time undergraduate student 2) Any college, any major 3) Senior class level 4) Overall 3.5 GPA 5) Financial need 6) Student who plans to go to law school 7) Minimum 60 credits at CSU


Rams Juris Doctor (JD) was established in 2009 to facilitate relationships among CSU alumni with a passion for law. Colorado State's Prelaw Program focuses on individual counseling for students from the time interest is shown in legal studies until graduation. Students are encouraged to focus on several significant issues they will face if they hope to enter law school, including selecting an undergraduate major, preparing for the Law School Acceptance Test (LSAT), and financial planning for a legal education. Students are encouraged to experience classes outside their major, take logic and critical thinking classes in philosophy and hone reading and writing skills in English classes.