Emergency Funding Request

Submit an emergency funding request

We are not currently accepting submissions. Please visit CSU Case Management to get guidance on alternative CSU emergency resources. 

This application is to apply for financial aid to cover emergencies that are unforeseen and unrelated to the normal cost of attendance. Examples of this may include (but are not limited to): Rent, medical bills, food, emergency travel, job loss, and expenses related to COVID-19.

To qualify, students must be enrolled within the College of Liberal Arts.

Application Process:

  • Submit the form below, including any supporting documentation.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a committee. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted by the committee. The committee may consult with the Office of Financial Aid to identify any additional financial resources.
  • Applications may take up to 1 week to be reviewed.
  • Students will be notified via their CSU email (provided below) regarding the award decision.
  • If approved, funds will be disbursed via the method selected below (direct deposit, mailed check or held check).

Students can submit requests for emergency funding as often as needed, however, students who have had more than 2 requests previously granted by the committee should specifically discuss in their application additional extenuating circumstances related to their request. Additional requests beyond 2 per year are not as likely to be approved.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Scholarship and Student Program Coordinator at CLA_scholarships@mail.colostate.edu.

For more information about University-wide emergency funding, visit the resources below.