• Anthropology and Geography

Student Types

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  • Transfer

Class Levels

  • First Year
  • Graduate Student
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Sophomore

Resident Statuses

  • Colorado Resident
  • Non-Resident

Scholarship Type

  • Merit

Required GPA

The Department of Anthropology and Geography will provide modest financial support for Colorado State University anthropology undergraduate and graduate students to support CSU archaeology and paleontology field school endeavors. Funds shall be used to help cover necessary expenses associated with field school costs including tuition and supplies. Scholarships are made on a competitive basis.   Email the Department of Anthropology and Geography for application details:


1) Full-time graduate or undergraduate student enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts 2) Any major, any class level 3) Overall and in major 3.0 GPA 4) Must be enrolled in one of the anthropology field school courses: ANTH 260, ANTH 460, ANTH 660, ANTH 470, ANTH 442, and any anthropology field school classes established in the future