Broaden your worldview. Become a citizen of the world.


Explore the world and enrich your liberal arts education: participate in education abroad at CSU.

Students that participate in study abroad and other international opportunities like internships and service-learning immerse themselves in global culture and history. Plus, international experience can improve your career prospects by helping you gain skills in cross cultural communication, learn to think critically, and appreciate diversity.

Colorado State University offers a range of education abroad program types and multiple program length options:

Program Types


Earn academic credit while living and traveling around the world


Participate in international research projects


Give back to the global community by volunteering your time abroad


Gain experience by working in a different country

Program Lengths

Academic Year

Commit a whole school year to an institution in another country


Spend the fall or spring semester studying abroad


Dedicate some of your summer break to an international experience

Winter or Spring Break

Squeeze in a short international program


The College of Liberal Arts has specially designed programs to make it easy to find an international experience that fits your academic plan.

The following study abroad programs are led by CSU faculty and range from a few weeks in length to full semesters. Since they are CSU programs, the credits will transfer.

These are not the only education abroad programs offered at CSU, but are programs specifically tailored to the College of Liberal Arts. To see a full list of education abroad opportunities, visit the Education Abroad website.

A webinar session from the Fall 2020 Education Abroad Fair explaining programs that may be a good fit for College of Liberal Arts students.

Fall/Spring Semester

Winter Break

Summer Break



Explore your options

Explore what programs meet your academic needs and interests. A great place to start is to attend an Education Abroad Fair or speak to a peer advisor in the Education Abroad Center.


Make a plan

Schedule meetings with your academic success coordinator, the Office of Financial Aid, and the Education Abroad Office. Verify that the program you choose fits your degree plan and financial resources. Remember: scholarships are available!



After you make your decision on when and where you’ll go, the next step is to apply for the program. Depending on the time of year and whether the program is CSU affiliated or not, you’ll want to closely monitor deadlines and required application materials.


Prepare to depart

You’ll need more than just a passport. You must attend a CSU Pre-Departure Orientation to make sure you’re ready to be a Ram abroad.


In addition to CSU Education Abroad scholarships, there are many department-specific scholarships to support College of Liberal Arts program participation.

Scholarship Deadlines

Scholarship Cycle 1: October 1
(Education Abroad Programs starting on or after January 1, 2023)

Scholarship Cycle 2: April 1
(Education Abroad Programs starting on or after May 1, 2023)


CSU is the host institution for Semester at Sea, a multi-country study abroad program that takes students on an interdisciplinary adventure focused on global comparative study. Students are accepted from all majors and universities around the country. College of Liberal Arts faculty are among the instructors you’ll have on board the ship, so you can expect the same caliber of classes.

Eleanor Moseman

Hear from our faculty

Art history professor Eleanor Moseman sailed on the Fall 2017 voyage. Read about how she tailored her classes to the countries the voyage journeyed to.


College of Liberal Arts students participate in education abroad 2-3 times more than other students across campus.

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