How to Give


Generosity comes in many forms. There are many unique ways you can make a gift to the College of Liberal Arts. Explore your options and contact the development team to design a gift plan just for you.


Give in Perpetuity

What is an endowment?

Endowments are a meaningful way to support an area about which you are passionate, as the revenue generated from an endowment continues to support the College of Liberal Arts for generations to come.

Why establish an endowment?

The benefit of providing an endowment is that income is perpetually earned through investment. The income from the investment is then used according to the purpose of the fund. Donors who establish endowment then see the impact of their gift in perpetuity.

4.25% of an endowment’s annual revenue is awarded for the endowment purpose. A $50,000 endowment, for example, generates approximately $2,500 in support per year. A $1,000,000 endowment generates $42,500 in annual support.

What kind of endowments can I establish?

Endowed funds can support scholarships, faculty positions, research, and programs. Donors establish endowments using a variety of means and on a schedule that accommodates their financial ability and assets. Current endowments in the College of Liberal Arts provide annual support ranging from a scholarship at $2,500 per year to programming support at $75,000 per year. Explore and read about some of our endowed funds below.

Student Support

Endowed Scholarship:

Endowed scholarships provide access to education for generations of students to come.

Endowed Graduate Fellowship:

Fellowships are awarded to students performing research under the direction of our renowned faculty on-campus. Through this hands-on learning, students strengthen their resumes and build expertise they can carry on through their academic career and into their professional lives.

Minimum endowments for student support begin at $25,000.

Claudia and Hannah, CLA students, at Fall 2018 Donor Brunch
Masako Beecken headshot

I admire those who work so hard to learn Japanese while facing financial stress. Through our endowed scholarship, I wanted to be of help, even in a small way, to motivate students to continue their Japanese study.”
— Masako Beecken

Established to celebrate the retirement of longtime Japanese language teacher, Masako Beecken, the T & M Beecken, Alumni and Friends Scholarship Endowment supports students studying Japanese at CSU.

Joel Bacon speaking at a Presidential Lecture

Faculty Support

Endowed faculty positions are vital for recruiting the best scholars, who provide a world-class education for students that last a lifetime. Minimum professorship endowments begin at $375,000.

Endowed Faculty Chairs and Professorships

These prestigious faculty positions recruit top talent to the College of Liberal Arts, where they participate in world-class research, help our communities through cutting-edge engagement programs, and mentor our students through award-winning teaching in and out of the classroom. Minimum endowed faculty chairs begin at $1,500,000.

Father Don Willette poses in the library

People always wonder, ‘How can I make a difference?’ Creating a faculty position like this at CSU has been a dream of mine. CSU has been a big part of my life for many years, and I wanted to do something for the students by providing a faculty position that will give them the opportunity to learn how to wonder and to ask critical questions.
— Father Don Willette

The Father Don Willette Professorship of Theological Studies engages the CSU community in academic pursuits and open conversations about the history and theological tradition of the Catholic Church.


Give in the Future

What are planned gifts?

A planned gift is a charitable donation arranged during your lifetime that leaves a legacy of support to the College of Liberal Arts.

What types of planned gifts are there?

Living Trusts

A living trust is a trust you create during your lifetime for your own benefit that allows you to add or withdraw assets.

Life Insurance

Leave your life insurance policy to the College of Liberal Arts.

Charitable Bequest

A bequest provides a future gift to the College of Liberal Arts through inclusion in your will.

How can I make an impact today?

Many donors choose to establish a planned gift and then provide annual funding during their lifetime to see the impact of their fund firsthand.

Stephan Weiler

“Before I met Kari and gained two wonderful step-children, I didn’t have children of my own. I came to think of my economics students as my children. Leaving this gift in my will is like giving a gift to my children, enabling them to succeed long after I’m gone and to continue this important work.”
— Stephan Weiler

Established through an estate gift from economics professor Stephan Weiler and his wife, Kari, the Kari and Stephan Weiler Doctoral Fellowship in Regional Economics Endowment supports economics graduate students who focus their scholarship on regional economics.


Give Consistently

Credit Card Auto-Pay

You can authorize your credit card to be automatically charged on an ongoing or limited basis. Set up an ongoing gift through the College of Liberal Arts online giving page.

CSU Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction

Make a monthly philanthropic contribution to a destination of your choice via payroll deduction and make a significant impact on the College of Liberal Arts by spreading your donations over time. Start or modify your payroll deduction online through CSU’s donor portal, Donor Connect.


Give to our Campaigns

Students participating in the BRAINY program at the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art

Youth Programs in Arts and Education

The Youth Programs in Arts and Education fund supports programs such as BRAINY (BRinging Arts INtegration to Youth), Middle School Outreach Ensembles, and Trying on Teaching. These programs enrich the lives of students from elementary to high school across Northern Colorado and beyond.

Student proudly holding up her diploma cover at College of Liberal Arts commencement

Liberal Arts Scholarships

Scholarship support is vital to ensure all those with the determination to earn a College of Liberal Arts degree can do so without financial burden. Give to a College of Liberal Arts scholarship today.



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