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The College of Liberal Arts is located in the center of main campus – making us easily accessible to all students. Our facilities, as well as our classes, will become foundational to your journey at CSU.

Where We're Located

The College of Liberal Arts' classrooms and facilities are primarily located in the center of main campus, making it easy for students to go between class and their favorite campus spots. Interact with the map below to learn more about our main buildings – Clark Building, Eddy Hall, Visual Arts Building, Behavioral Sciences Building, and the University Center for the Arts – and the other places our faculty and students call home.

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Andrew G. Clark Building

Every CSU student will likely have a class in the Andrew G. Clark Building. The Clark A-wing holds many of CSU’s larger lecture halls. In the basement of Clark A you’ll also find space dedicated to our student media team including a video and photography studio and the interdisciplinary center. The B- and C- wings are home to a bulk of College of Liberal Arts departments including political science, history, journalism and media communication, anthropology, languages literatures and cultures, sociology, and economics. The College of Liberal Arts Dean's Office is also in Clark C138.


To the south of the Lory Student Center, students can meet with select faculty and graduate teaching assistants in the newly converted Hartshorn building. Office space is currently being used by the Departments of English, Journalism and Media Communication, Philosophy, and Sociology, but students may also travel into Hartshorn to talk with student affairs staff or visit the C.P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity.

Willard O. Eddy

Remodeled in 2015, the William O. Eddy Building houses the Departments of English, Philosophy, and Ethnic Studies. Eddy also features the Digital Liberal Arts Hub, a computer lab available to student researchers to map, curate, analyze, and create interactive research projects. When not in class, Eddy offers plenty of study and small-group project space for students to gather – corners we like to call "Eddy’s eddies.” Prospective students should note that Eddy is also where you'll find our recruitment coordinator's office: Suite 210.

Behavioral Sciences Building

On the second floor of the LEED Gold certified Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB), our communication studies department can be found collaborating, deliberating, practicing their presentation skills. Head up to the second floor to find offices of communication studies faculty and a hub of graduate and Ph.D. students. Stick around to take a class in one of the many modern lecture halls and classrooms or grab a cup of joe from the coffee shop Sweet Temptations.

Visual Arts Building

Home to the Department of Art and Art History, the Visual Arts Building is not your typical academic building. In addition to classroom space, the Visual Arts Building houses 9+ labs and studios devoted to different art mediums, from painting to printmaking to electronic art and more. In addition to the studio space perfect for an art student to get their feet wet across disciplines, the Visual Arts Building also hosts five gallery spaces where art from students and faculty can be enjoyed by all.

General Services Building

Just west of the railroad tracks, you'll find the General Services Building that houses half a dozen laboratories and classrooms for the Department of Anthropology. Head up to the third floor to learn about early human diet, animal and human bones, the first true primates, and disturbance/regeneration of Colorado mountains. 

Tiley House

Located on the corner of Pitkin Street and College Avenue, the former University Alumni Center is now the new home of the Center for Literary Publishing and the Public Lands History Center

University Center for the Arts

On the east side of main campus, near the annual flower trial garden, the University Center of the Arts (UCA) is a state-of-the-art performance and exhibition venue. The UCA houses the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art, the Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising, and the LEAP Institute for the Arts. It features five performance halls and more than a dozen production and practice spaces, all equipped with top industry equipment and technology.

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Noteworthy Spaces

The College of Liberal Arts is home to dozens of academic centers and institutes and unique classroom and lab spaces tailored to our programs.

You don’t have to be in the sciences to reap the benefits of technology! We equip our classrooms with top tech so you enter the 21st century workforce familiar with the tools and knowledge you’ll need in the industry.

The School of Music, Theatre, and Dance offers a multitude of facilities for production, including a design lab with 28 drafting and rendering stations, a computer-aided design (CAD) lab with 20 student workstations, scene shop, paint shop, costume shop, lighting lab, and sound/video editing labs.

The world of multimedia creation is also open to our journalism and media communication students who can look to the media production studios in Clark and several computer labs with the Adobe Creative Suite and other top industry software.

The College of Liberal Arts has also opened the doors of the Digital Liberal Arts Hub. This computer lab in Eddy Hall is a resource for faculty and students to input research and evaluate it using specialized software – technology that can visualize data across the humanities and social sciences.

Our spaces are designed to help students create the masterpieces they envision. Inside the Visual Arts Building, our art students have access to studios equipped with the tools of the trade to explore any medium, from fibers to sculpture, metalsmithing to painting, photography to electronic art. The Department of Art and Art History also runs a digital fabrication lab which houses one of the only 3D printers on campus!

Our classrooms aren't limited to the walls of campus either. For anthropology students interested in summer field schools, you’ll literally get your hands dirty in active dig sites, applying skills learned in the classroom to uncover fossils and artifacts in the field. Students see the research through by taking their findings into the lab upon return to campus. You can also explore human origins inside the department’s Bone Room where you can study casts of early human ancestors including the famous Australopithecus afarensis “Lucy.”

All Spaces

To explore all of the performance venues, classroom spaces, artistic studios, and research labs in the College of Liberal Arts, use the search below. Filter by affiliated department or by facility type.



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