Apply for scholarships from Oct 1 - March 1

Simply follow the instructions below.



  • The CSUSA is available from October 1  until March 1 at 11 p.m. (MST). Go to RAMweb at and login using your eID. From there, you can select the CSU Scholarship Application.
  • Complete the General Application, and be sure to review and complete any Recommended Opportunities for which you wish to apply.
  • If you are a JMC major, you will need to complete an additional application. Download these instructions and be sure to check out the scholarship FAQ page for more information.
  • Some scholarships require essays, letters of recommendation, transcripts and/or a resume. All of these documents must be submitted online by the application deadline for consideration. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL the last minute to ask for recommendations. Late documents will NOT be accepted.
  • There is no limit for the amount of scholarships a student can apply for.
  • Scholarships are selected after the March 1 closing date and recipients are notified in late Spring semester.

Scholarship Categories

  • Auto-Match Scholarships – Once the generic CSUSA application is filled out, the system will automatically match you, the student, to any scholarships where you meet the award criteria University-wide.
  • Apply-To Scholarships – Along with filling out the generic CSUSA application, some scholarships require further materials. Whether those are essay questions, content portfolios, or any other types of content specific to the individual scholarship. These scholarships are not automatically matched by the auto-match feature in AcademicWorks and are found by using the “Filter” option on the Opportunities Page.

Applying for Need-based Scholarships

To be considered for need-based scholarships through the CSUSA, your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be submitted no later than February 15. Go ahead and use estimated tax data on the FAFSA for the CSUSA if you won’t be filing your taxes until after February 15. This will get you into the applicant pool. However, you will need to provide actual tax data at a later date.


AcademicWorks is a cloud-based portal through which students complete the CSUSA. You may receive e-mails from AcademicWorks if you are selected for a scholarship or need to provide additional information for a scholarship opportunity. Make sure your email address in RAMweb is correct and that you monitor it often, and add “” to spam filters to ensure proper delivery to your inbox. AcademicWorks supports Google Chrome Versions 35 and 36, Mozilla Firefox Versions 30 and 31, Apple Safari Versions 6 and 7, and Internet Explorer Versions 10 and 11.

Scholarship Eligibility

In order to qualify for and receive a scholarship from the College of Liberal Arts, the following factors apply:

  • You must be accepted for admission or currently enrolled with a major or minor in the College of Liberal Arts. Incoming students (freshmen and transfers) must have applied for admission and set up an eID to access RAMweb.
  • Most scholarships have specific criteria or preferences that have been established by the donor. These additional criteria may specify major, class, financial need, academic achievement, residency, letters of recommendation, U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status, or other factors.
  • To be awarded a CLA scholarship and receive funding, the recipient must successfully complete the post-acceptance process and meet all criteria outlined in the scholarship at the time of application and throughout the length of the scholarship. For instance, if a scholarship requires full-time enrollment, then dropping below the required number of credits will result in forfeiture of the scholarship even after it has been awarded.

How Scholarships Are Paid

Scholarship funds are typically split in and half and deposited into student accounts a few weeks after the beginning of fall and spring semester.


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