25th Anniversary of the Great Conversations program in the CSU College of Liberal Arts

Great Conversations


The Great Conversations program brings together a community of engaged learners who receive unique access to liberal arts faculty, explore the latest scholarship from the College of Liberal Arts, and participate in lively discussion around topics of local, national, and global importance. Conversation topics reflect the vibrancy and diversity of the College of Liberal Arts, showcasing premier research across the humanities, performing arts, and social sciences. This year, Great Conversations members will gather in unique ways, at a distance, virtually, and with the goal of providing a safe space for cultural enrichment and community building.

Membership directly supports the Ann Gill Faculty Development fund, an essential resource for liberal arts research, outreach, and creative artistry that ensures our faculty remain on the cutting edge of their disciplines, developing new knowledge and capabilities that, in turn, benefit the students who work and learn alongside them at Colorado State University.

This year, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Great Conversations. Thanks to the support of our members, the Ann Gill Faculty Development fund has increased to nearly $1 million, providing essential support for more than 55 liberal arts faculty. With your support, we will reach our $1 million goal, ensuring the tremendous impact Great Conversations has on our faculty, students, and the community continues for the next 25 years and beyond.

We look forward to celebrating the 25th season of Great Conversations with you!

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Annual Member: $1,870

As a member at the $1,870 level you will receive exclusive College and University benefits including:

  • Invitation to four Great Conversations events per year
  • Invitation to the Summer Soiree year-end celebration
  • Membership to Colorado State University’s 1870 Club, and all associated benefits


Dean's Circle: $2,500

Increase your impact by joining the Great Conversations Dean’s Circle at the $2,500 level.

By joining the Dean’s Circle level, you will receive all of the Great Conversations membership benefits, as well as special recognition and unique access in honor of your commitment to furthering the liberal arts through your increased support.

25th Anniversary: $5,000

A new membership level in celebration of 25 years of Great Conversations!

Your $5,000 commitment will support Great Conversations and ensure that we achieve our goal of increasing the Ann Gill Faculty Development Endowment to $1 million in 2020.

By joining the 25th Anniversary level, you will receive all of the Great Conversations membership and Dean's Circle benefits, as well as an invitation to a special 25th Anniversary concert event.

2020-2021 SEASON

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Dean's Circle Member at Great Conversations social event


Great Conversations membership starts at $1,870 per household. By joining at the $5,000 or $2,500 level you will receive recognition and special access for your increased support. You may give as an individual, family, or business. Your entire membership gift will be directed toward the Ann Gill Faculty Development fund, and may be tax-deductible.

To join as a Great Conversations member, visit our site or call Kelly McDonnell with questions at (970) 491-0227, or kelly.mcdonnell@colostate.edu.