Continuing, Contract, and Adjunct Faculty

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College of Liberal Arts
Continuing, Contract, and Adjunct Faculty

The College of Liberal Arts deeply values the non-tenure track faculty who work in a variety of teaching, research, and administrative positions within the college. Our Continuing, Contract, and Adjunct faculty (CCAF) are also impactful at the University level where the College of Liberal Arts teaches the majority of the All University Core Curriculum (AUCC), with the vast majority of AUCC sections taught by CCAF faculty (89% in FA21). We believe strongly that investing in CCAF is an investment in the health of our larger learning community, student success, and the quality of the university.

It is important that our CCAF understand the conditions of their positions, how they can formulate a clear career path that works for them, and how to take advantage of the many professional development opportunities provided by the University and the College of Liberal Arts.

CCAF teach
of College of Liberal Arts AUCC sections

Based on Spring 2022 numbers; CO130 and CO150 sections not included in this count.

Understanding Your Position

Appointment Types

Career Tracks

The College of Liberal Arts has two distinct career tracks that CCAF may occupy. Departments hire CCAF based on specific research, teaching, and administrative needs.


  • Primarily teaching
  • Most positions also include 5-10% service
  • Senior ranks may also have administrative appointments


  • Requires terminal degree
  • Primarily teaching but will typically have research (not more than 10-15%) and service components
  • May also have administrative duties


All Continuing and Contract Faculty are expected to engage in service. Engaging in service is an opportunity to help sustain the quality of the department, College, and University and to engage in shared governance. Shared governance is the opportunity to make sure your voice and subjectivity is a part of the conversations that enact policy, create culture, and support faculty and students.

Service can include many different types of activities:

  • sitting on department or college committees
  • attendance at professional meetings
  • professionally-related community service
  • professional development related to pedagogy
  • leadership in student organizations

Please see your department code for specific guidelines for service expectations.

Service level is associated with different appointment types and ranks:

Appointment Type and Rank Base Service Expectation
Adjunct Faculty 0% service expectation
Continuing and Contract Faculty - Instructor 5% service expectation at base salary
Opt out by the faculty member (0% service expectation at a 5% lower salary base)
Continuing and Contract Faculty - Senior Instructor/Master Instructor 10% service expectation (takes effect with first promotion for Instructors to Senior Instructor)
Continuing and Contract Faculty - Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor 10% service expectation


After 10 consecutive semesters, our Continuing and Contract faculty are encouraged to create a dossier to be considered for promotion. The College of Liberal Arts provides many opportunities for professional development which will help demonstrate promotion readiness.

Base Salary

No terminal degree AND less than 3 years CSU teaching experience Terminal degree OR 3+ years CSU teaching without having a terminal degree
Adjunct (No Service) $46,000 $48,000
Continuing / Contract (Service) $48,000 $50,000

Professional Development

Investing in professional development is an investment in your careers and your students.

College of Liberal Arts Opportunities

Faculty Mentoring

Faculty mentorship is an important way to create a sense of community and provide support around onboarding, teaching, and promotion, which is something that we need now that CSU has a promotion path for CCAF. You have two options for accessing this type of mentoring experience here in CLA.

Department Mentoring Programs

English and LLC both have existing mentoring available and other departments, such as Communication Studies, are just launching.

If you don’t have one yet, the NTTF Advisory Committee to the Dean has developed this handy and easy-to implement Faculty Mentoring Toolkit.pdf, which can help you and your colleagues build a formal structure to what is likely already happening in your departments.

While this format might work well for many of our CCAF, we understand that it might not be feasible for all departments and programs due to size or capacity.

Interdisciplinary Mentoring Program

The College launched an Interdisciplinary Mentoring Program for CCAF in Spring 2023. Faculty will be paired with other faculty across the College of Liberal Arts, providing an opportunity for support as well as connections for future activities like team teaching. The time commitment is flexible and dependent on your needs.

NTTF Advisory Committee

The CLA NTTF AC is responsible for representing the interests of NTTF in the College of Liberal Arts and working toward their 1) equitable treatment and professionalization in the Department, the College, and the University; 2) to advance the mission of the College of Liberal Arts; and 3) to enhance student success.

Its duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying issues that concern NTTF members;
  • Communicating NTTF faculty concerns to Departmental, College, and University administration and governance bodies such as CoNTTF
  • Communicating Departmental, College, and University policy and procedures, and other matters of interest to NTTF members;
  • Provide support and resources for professional development of NTTF

Meeting Minutes

Current Members

Gina Robinson

  • Pre-Law Advisor

Annie Krieg

  • Instructor of Art History

Emily Wilson

  • Senior Instructor

Layla Malander

  • Senior Instructor

Amanda Wright

  • Senior Instructor

Megan Lanz

  • Senior Instructor of Music

Franziska Wilcox

  • Master Instructor

Eli Alberts

  • Associate Teaching Professor

Niroj Bhattarai

  • Assistant Professor
  • Director of Online Studies in Economics

Thomas Conway

  • Master Instructor
  • Assistant Chair

Keri Canada

  • Academic Success Coordinator II
  • Instructor

Dan Goble

  • Director of the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Gregory Luft

  • Professor, Journalism and Media Communication

Elinor Light

  • Senior Instructor
  • Assistant Dean for Student Success, College of Liberal Arts

Sadie Kinney-McGrath

  • Project Coordinator

Want to get involved? Please contact Sadie Kinney-McGrath in the Dean’s office to learn more about when nominations for the NTTF Advisory committee are due.