• English

Student Types

  • Current
  • Prospective
  • Transfer

Class Levels

  • First Year
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Sophomore

Resident Statuses

  • Colorado Resident
  • Non-Resident

Scholarship Type

  • Need-Based

First Generation

  • Yes

Required GPA



1) Full-time undergraduate in Liberal Arts 2) Maintain 3.3 GPA in related courses 3) Financial need 4) Demonstrate diversity commitment 5) Taken at least six credit hrs in English Language, a declared language concentration, teaching licensure concentration, or the following courses or their equivalent: Introduction to the Study of Language; English Language for Teachers I/II; Teaching English as a Second Language; and Development of the English Language 6) Primary consideration to first generation students


Professor James (Jim) Garvey taught linguistics, grammar, semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, history of English, humanities and literature at Colorado State University for 34 years. He was especially interested in first and second language teaching, usage issues, gender in language, literary stylistics and child language acquisitions. He is the author, with Gerald P. Delahunty, of the book Communication, Language, and Grammar: a Course for Teachers.