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  • Graduate Student
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  • Merit

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1) Full or part-time Economics graduate student in the College of Liberal Arts 2) Maintain a minimum overall 3.0 GPA


For 38 years Dr. L.S. Fan made an impact on Colorado State University, his students, and the world of economics. His courses in macroeconomics and economic development formed a solid educational foundation for undergraduate and graduate students. As an adviser holding the departmental record for the number of Ph.D. committees he chaired, he helped many students take the first steps in their careers. Dr. Fan received the Pennock Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his advising, the Burlington Northern Faculty Achievement Award in recognition of his teaching and scholarship, and he was honored at the CSU Best Teacher Awards banquet. Outside of CSU, Dr. Fan was appointed honorary advisor to the Mayor of Taipei in 1998, an advisor to the President of Taiwan in 2004 and has been President of the North American Taiwanese Professors Association. Dr. Chuen-mei Fan received her M.A. in 1964 and Ph.D. in 1972 from the University of Minnesota. She came to the Department of Economics at Colorado State University in 1978, and her successful career at CSU has been marked by numerous award nominations. Dr. Chuen-mei Fan believes that a college course is a joint venture for the professor and the students instead of a one way delivery of knowledge from the former to the latter. In her classroom, the professor's role is to inspire students to pursue the subject matter beyond what is delivered in the classroom. Through their teaching, these two professors have personally helped thousands of students reach their potential in the classroom and are now helping students reach their academic goals with financial support.