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Required GPA

Sami Established in 2007 by the Bedell World Citizenship Fund.


1) Outstanding student, any major, within College of Liberal Arts 2) Financial need as established by the Office of Student Financial Services of CSU 3) Maintain overall 2.5 GPA 4) Demonstrate interest or contribution in diversity and cultural awareness


The Bedell World Citizenship Fund (BWCF) was established for the purpose of encouraging cultural, political, economic, spiritual and intellectual change toward a world of greater human kindness. The BWCF's funding goal is supporting programs and initiatives that break down barriers of nationalism, ethnicity, economic and natural resource exploitation. Bedell has established the BWCF Scholarship through the Bedell World Citizenship Fund, a family foundation. As a 2006 graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Liberal Arts Social Sciences and a minor in Political Science, Sami has experienced first-hand the benefits of a broad-based liberal arts education. The university experience helps students not only learn subjects, but also learn about themselves, what they find challenging, motivating and potentially fulfilling to pursue. As a multi-racial person, Sami feels diversity is important in our culture and our learning, and hopes this scholarship will give opportunity to those that may otherwise not have the chance for a liberal arts education.