1) Full-time undergraduate junior or senior 2) declared major of Journalism and Media Communication in the department of the same name within the College of Liberal Arts at Colorado State University 3) Write a statement of career purpose (250 words) that demonstrates a stated commitment to social responsibility in the field of Public Relations 4) Demonstrate a commitment to the field of Public Relations through membership in the Public Relations Student Society of America, through a Public Relations-focused internship, or through demonstrated coursework and projects in Public Relations, or a combination of Public Relations, Advertising, and Marketing 5) Maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher 6) preference shall be given to Colorado residents and/or first generation college students (the scholarship may be renewable if the student reapplies, continues to meet all criteria and is selected by the scholarship committee)

Scholarship Details


Cary Griffin ('77) and Thomas Suber ('75) established this scholarship as a way to honor an institution where they both experienced growth and learned valuable skills that helped them to become productive individuals with satisfying professional careers. Meeting in Ingersoll Hall as students, they both have an appreciation for their Alma mater and a desire to sustain and expand the educational experiences of future generations of Colorado State University students.