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Student Types

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  • Graduate Student

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  • Colorado Resident
  • Non-Resident

Scholarship Type

  • Merit

Required GPA

Established in 1982 with proceeds from a gift of land from John N. Stern.


1) Enrolled as graduate student in CSU's music program 2) Have exceptional musical talent 3) Preference to students who perform in strings


John Stern served in the Army Air corps during World War II and then returned to his native Chicago to practice law. Since his retirement in 1972, he has spent much of his time working for charitable causes, many of which reflect his interest in the arts. His services have benefited Music Associates of Aspen, the Aspen Music School and Festival, the Alzheimer Foundation of Arkansas, the Chicago Orchestral Society and the Art Institute of Chicago as well as other institutes. Faculty, staff, alumni and friends recognize the importance of scholarships in encouraging students to aim for excellence. The generous gifts from individual members of these various groups allow us to provide financial support for students who have demonstrated superior achievements or skills, thereby encouraging their continued efforts and the overall atmosphere of vigorous research and creativity. The criteria for this scholarship are established at the college level, and a committee of faculty from various departments selects the recipient.