• Political Science

Student Types

  • Current
  • Transfer

Class Levels

  • Graduate Student
  • Junior
  • Senior

Resident Statuses

  • Colorado Resident
  • Non-Resident

Scholarship Type

  • Merit

Required GPA



1) Accepted into the Hansard Scholars Parliamentary and Public Policy Internship Program or the College of Liberal Arts Study Abroad Program or other international programs 2) Full-time graduate student or an undergraduate junior or senior 3) Maintain an overall 3.0 GPA 4) Preference given to students pursuing a degree in Political Science, but consideration shall also be given to students pursuing other degrees who fulfill the established criteria.


David Allen joined the faculty in the Department of Political Science at Colorado State University in 1987. In his time at the University, he distinguished himself through his scholarly work in constitutional law, civil rights and judicial politics through his long-term commitment to the Faculty Council and through his outstanding contributions to the education of students. In particular, his work with the Hansard Scholarship Program made opportunities available for students to intern in the British Parliament. In addition, Dr. Allen was dedicated to building the quality of military leadership in this country and worked extensively with Colorado State’s ROTC programs and in the development of scholarship support for ROTC students. Dr. Allen received his bachelor, master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He served as a faculty member at Mercyhurst College and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee before coming to Colorado State. He also worked as a consultant on the NSF U.S. Supreme Court Data Project. Prior to his career in academia, he was VP of the Marine Resources Development Foundation in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico. From 1969-75 he was employed as a staff aide to the governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands for both marine resource planning and man-in-the-sea projects. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1965-68. Dr. Allen was a member of the American Political Science Association, Western Political Science Association and Southwestern Social Science Association. He received numerous grants, honors and awards, including the Pi Sigma Alpha Outstanding Teaching Award at CSU and the 2000 CSU Alumni Association ‘Best Teacher’ Award. He authored dozens of articles and co-authored Environmental Injustices in the United States: Myths and Realities.