Message from the Dean


Elissa Braunstein

Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts at Colorado State University!

The College of Liberal Arts is home to many disciplines and many different ways of understanding the world, but these three concepts bring us together: Learning. Scholarship. Engagement.

We are a community of learners who share a curiosity for our world and a desire to explore the creativity of the human mind and spirit. We seek knowledge that connects yesterday with today, reaches across cultures, and reflects humanity’s dynamic, diverse, and multiple perspectives.

We are a community of scholars who seek to discover as well as to understand more about ourselves and the world we live in. Our scholarship asks key questions of how to live more humane, moral, and ethical lives and allows us to develop new perspectives on cultural, societal, environmental, and political issues.

We are an engaged community, committed to fostering the transformational power of the liberal arts. Moved by knowledge and empathy to put our learning and scholarship into action, we develop partnerships locally and across the globe to create a more humane, livable, and sustainable world.

You’ll see all of these things – learning, scholarship, and engagement – in our galleries, on our UCA stages, and in the collaborative work of our research centers.

We invite you to engage with us through your own exploration of the college. Whether you’re interested in exploring the art, literature, and beliefs of the past, or discovering how to leverage the skills you learn to address current pressing issues, you will find a rich field of opportunity here.

We look forward to the contributions you’ll make as part of our community of scholars. Thanks again for your interest in our college… and Go, Rams!

Elissa Braunstein, Interim Dean

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