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    • Associate Professor
    • Director of Graduate Studies
    • Criminal Justice Organization (CJO) Advisor
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    • Criminology
    • Police Organizations
    • Courts &
    • Sentencing
  • Department:

    • Sociology
  • Education:

    • Ph.D., University of New Mexico
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Jeffrey Nowacki is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Colorado State University.  He joined the Sociology Department in 2017.  His research focuses broadly on social responses to crime, specifically addressing how policy changes and social context influence criminal justice system behavior.  His research has appeared in academic journals such as the British Journal of Criminology, the Journal of Crime & Justice, Criminal Justice Policy Review,  Policing: An International Journal, and Justice Evaluation Journal, and the International Journal of Police Science & Management.


Nowacki, J., Schafer, J., & Hibdon, J. (In Press). Gender Diversification in Police Agencies: Is it a Zero-Sum Game? Policing: An International Journal.

Parks, M. & Nowacki, J. S. (In Press). Race/ethnicity, sex, age and fines: a focal concerns approach. Journal of Crime & Justice.

Nowacki, J. S., Schafer, J., & Hibdon, J. (2021). Workforce diversity in police hiring: The influence of organziational characteristics. Justice Evaluation Journal, 4(1), 48-67.

Nowacki, J. S., Creech, D., & Parks, M. (2020). Political climate, voter suppression policies, and federal sentencing outcomes. British Journal of Criminology, 60(5)1155-1180.

Nowacki, J. (2020). Gender equality and sentencing outcomes: An examination of state courts. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 31(5), 673-695.

Nowacki, J. & Willits, D. (2020). An organizational approach to understanding police response to cybercrime. Policing: An International Journal, 43(1), 63-76.

Nowacki, J. & Spencer, T. (2019). Police discretion, organizational characteristics, and traffic stops: An analysis of racial disparity in Illinois. International Journal of Police Science & Management, 21(1), 4-16.

Nowacki, J. S. & Windsong, E. A. (2019). Structural gender equality and federal sentencing outcomes: A test of the ameliorative and backlash hypotheses. Feminist Criminology, 14(1), 45-64.

Giblin, M. J. & Nowacki, J. S. (2018). Organizational decline and fiscal distress in municipal police agencies. Police Quarterly, 21(2), 171-195.

Nowacki, J. S. (2018). Federal sentencing guidelines and United States v. Booker: Social context and sentencing disparity. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 29(1), 45-66.

Nowacki, J. S. & Willits, D. W. (2018). Adoption of body cameras by United States police agencies: An organisational analysis. Policing & Society, 28(7), 841-853.

Nowacki, J. S. (2017). An intersectional approach to race/ethnicity, sex, and age disparity in US federal sentencing outcomes: An examination of policy across time periods. Criminology & Criminal Justice, 17, 97-116.


  • Sociology 253: Introduction to Criminology & Criminal Justice

  • Sociology 356: Inequality in Criminal Sentencing

  • Sociology 354: Law Enforcement & Society