Senior Instructor


  • Role:

  • Position:

    • Senior Instructor
    • Upper-Division Composition Administrator
  • Department:

    • English and University Composition Program
  • Education:

    • Graduate Specialization in Online Learning Innovation and Design
    • MA in English Literature
    • BA in English Literature and Women's Studies


Lindsay Brookshier teaches composition in the English department including CO150 (College Composition) and CO300 (Writing Arguments). She also occasionally teaches introductory literature courses such as Survey of British Literature I. She received her BA from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay along with a certificate in Women's Studies. She received her MA in Literature here at Colorado State University and her graduate research focused primarily on gender studies in Chaucer/popular fantasy fiction. Currently, her research interests are centered on integrating technology into the composition classroom and creating improved student engagement in online courses.

Lindsay also has experience as a freelance writer, blogger, and editor for various online websites and magazines writing on topics ranging from Disney Parks travel, theme park tourism news, outdoor culture in Colorado, and young adult cancer advocacy. Her online publications on Disney Parks travel and budgetary advice were recently featured on Visit Anaheim, Nerd Wallet and SFGate.

Being a first generation college student and one of the first in her family to graduate college, Lindsay understands the challenges that first generation students face and is empathetic to that experience.