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Dr. Carolin Aronis is an Affiliated Faculty member of Communication Studies at Colorado State University, and a Postdoctoral Scholar and a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Communication at Boulder. Her research is placed at the intersection of critical media studies, media ecology, gender studies, architecture, and rhetoric of racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism. Much of her work relates to innovative communicative perspectives on media, intimacy, urban life, motherhood, activism, and death. She holds a PhD in Media and Communication Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2015). Her PhD research, “Mediated Public Intimacy,” earned the distinguished four-year Hebrew University Presidential Scholarship. She completed part of her doctoral work as a visiting scholar at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Her research on letters written to the dead in the public media was published, recently, in the Journal of Communication, “Communicative Resurrection: Letters to the Dead in the Israeli Newspaper,” and in Exploration in Media Ecology, “Communication as Travel: The Genre of Letters to the Dead in Public Media.” The latter article will be presented at the Philosophy of Communication Top Paper Panel at the 2019 NCA Annual Convention. This research was also covered in The Intelligencer. Her work on Jewish motherhood and the ‘Remedia Affair’ was recently published in Discourse & Communication, “Reconstructing Mothers’ Responsibility and Guilt: Journalistic Coverage of the ‘Remedia Affair’ in Israel.” Currently, Dr. Aronis is working on several publications, among them are a monograph on liminal architecture and social media, the performance of Sojourner Truth’s speech in textbooks and YouTube (with Dr. Natasha Shrikant), and the practice, rhetoric, and impact of swastikas and nooses in the built environment of U.S. campuses (with Dr. Eric Aoki). Her research on mediated public intimacy, letters to the dead, Tel Aviv balconies, liminal architecture in the city, motherhood, and Jewish communication, has been presented at more than 20 conferences, among them, the annual conventions of the National Communication Association, the International Communication Association, the Media Ecology Association, the Rhetoric Society of America, and the Association for Jewish Studies.

Dr. Aronis taught in the department from 2017 to 2019; her courses included Gender & Communication (SPCM 335) and Visual Communication (SPCM 347); she also mentored students for “Independent Study.” Currently, she is teaching Discourse, Culture, and Identities (COMM 2400) at CU Boulder and at the Spring also Communication, Technology, and Society (COMM 3610). Her teaching experience includes developing and teaching courses for undergraduate and graduate students at a total of five institutions in the U.S. and in Israel, with particular expertise in media, communication and cultural studies theories; discourse analysis and rhetoric; gender studies; and academic writing and thinking. She believes in intersectional, creative, interactive, and “out of the box” teaching in order to provide her students with knowledge that involves critical thinking and new ways of seeing their everyday lives. One of her assignments in SPCM 335, which instructed students to visually describe the relationship between sex and gender, was posted on the Communication Studies department’s website. Before moving to Colorado, she also worked as a journalist and a biographer for Holocaust survivors.

Since April 2018, Dr. Aronis has served as the Internet Officer of the Media Ecology Association and is a member of its Executive Board. In her service to the association she has led initiatives for the involvement of women in the association, aided the development of an ethical code for inclusivity, and taken actions for the growth and recognition of media ecology studies. Since spring 2019 she has been involved at CSU with Dr. Magdalena Serpa, CSU Chabad, and CSU Hillel in developing a plan for the prevention of anti-Semitism on campus. Her work was covered lately by the Coloradoan. In October she gave an Invited Talk on the current state of anti-Semitism in the U.S., “Anti-Semitism in the U.S.: New Media, New Semantics, New Problems,” at the 2019 General Semantics Symposium at the Princeton Club, New York City. See her CV for more information about her work.

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