CLA Recruitment Coordinator


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    • CLA Recruitment Coordinator
  • Department:

    • All College of Liberal Arts and CLA Dean's Office
  • Education:

    • Ohio University- Bachelor of Arts in Middle Education
    • Colorado State University- Master of Arts in English Literature


Kristen received her B.A from Ohio University in Education and went on to receive her M.A in Literature from Colorado State University. After teaching literature in Colombia and China and serving as a nonprofit college and career advisor for a rural Colorado schools, Kristen brings experience in project management, creativity, and community networking as the CLA recruitment coordinator.

She enjoys reading books (especially translated authors and horror/speculative fiction), writing poetry, and spending time with her husband and her cat Lucifer.

First Generation Story

From a small town in Ohio, I did not have any family members who had gone to college, so I began my higher education journey at a branch campus close to home and then transferred to Ohio University's main campus in Athens, Ohio, which was a life changing experience and encouraged me to find creative ways to travel further from home. The CSU English department's kindness and patience in answering all my questions as a prospective new graduate student is how I ended up in Fort Collins.