I am considered a Social Practice artist who engages the culture through the arts to provoke social change. My entire career life has flourished from a deep psychological understanding of humanity, and how the creative arts can be a strong advocate for social justice. My art practice embraces this calling, and I teach this efficacy of art for cultural production at the college level. I have engaged with various cultures around the world using art engagement as a catalyst for breaking down barriers and encouraging healthy discourse towards a cause. This includes College Study Abroad encounters.


First Generation Story

I grew up with brothers in the 1950s and my parents insisted that I too would receive a college degree equal to their opportunities, and I did. I come from a long line of strong willed woman, with my grandmother even wearing pants in the early 1900s.


  • 660 Arts Collaboration and the Community


    Research, development and production of outreach projects; team projects for
    community engagement.

  • 650 Arts Event Management


    A strong focus of this course is to provide students with the technical skills for conceptualizing,
    planning, implementing, and managing arts and seasonal events, festivals, and
    other large scale gatherings for arts related organizations. A strong grounding in theories,
    methods, and the history of arts events and their management will provide students with
    a wider perspective on the role arts events play in society.