Associate Professor of Spanish


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    Regular Hours Have Changed - Use this link for that For Pre and Re-evaluation of Credits for Study Abroad it is-Online Via Calendly link under website with Zoom - -Tuesdays 12:00am-2:30pm and Thursdays 11:00am-1:30pm and if needed we can work to find another time.
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  • Position:

    • Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Concentration:

    • 20th Century Spanish American Prose
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    • Languages, Literatures and Culture
  • Education:

    • Ph.D. Texas Tech University


I have been at Colorado State University since August 1999. I am currently an  Assistant Professor of Spanish. A native of Parral, Chihuahua , Mexico, I received my Ph.D. in 20th Century Spanish American Literature from Texas Tech University in 1987. My many areas of interest include: contemporary Spanish American prose, issues in culture, translation and interpreting, as well as the teaching of reading and writing skills. I have also worked extensively as a translator for the Department of Justice and other organizations.

I am also the co-director of the 2nd and 3rd year language program as well as the Language and Culture Studies Center director.




  • LSPA 300-004: Reading and Writing for Communication – Spanish

    Development of reading and writing proficiency through an in-depth examination of contemporary writing.
    Placement exam can substitute for LSPA 201.

  • LSPA 347-001: Spanish for Working with Youth and Family

    Content-based language in the social sciences (Human Development Family Studies, Social Work, Early Childhood Education, etc.) with a multicultural focus. Grammar and vocabulary designed to develop competency in areas listed. Oral component includes working on interview techniques for each area to help students develop cultural and linguistic abilities to work with youth and families from the Spanish-speaking community.