Open Door Pedagogy Network

Open Door Pedagogy Network

The new Open Door Pedagogy Network is made up of a few faculty in each CLA department who are available to colleagues for informal discussions about teaching.

Teachers of all ranks are encouraged to drop in for casual conversation and advice, especially in relation to inclusion, academic freedom, and handling challenging classroom situations.

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The Open Door Pedagogy Network emphasizes that we are all at different stages on our paths, and its members offer judgement-free support for improving practice, awareness, and knowledge of cultivating inclusive, anti-racist learning environments and teaching practices that support their own and students’ academic freedom in the classroom.

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Open Door Pedagogy Network

About the Network

The Open Door Pedagogy Network began in fall 2020 as part of the 2020 Initiative. It aims to foster community, mentorship, and mutual support by providing infrastructure for teachers connecting with teachers. It hopes both to support faculty who might be wrestling with a specific problem or incident, and also to “support the supporters” with a college-wide conversation on the nuances of powerful and equitable teaching.

Members participate in an orientation meeting where they learn about available resources and share ideas for encouraging the pedagogy community in their departments and in CLA. A final meeting at the end of the academic year provides members an opportunity to share their experiences. Throughout the academic year, training opportunities supported by the Dean's office are also made available to them.

The goal is to cultivate a network of established faculty who commit to staying up-to-date on teaching methods and approaches; who are willing to be available to their colleagues to drop in and discuss these kinds of issues; and who share ideas, experiences, and information with other colleagues across the College.

Members were selected based on their teaching experience, training, area of expertise, and willingness to serve.

Network members provide opportunities for informal conversations only. They do not provide official determinations about CSU policy, legal advice, grievances, or formal action.

Contact the Network Coordinator, Rosa Mikeal Martey at if you have questions.


Open Door Pedagogy Network Members 2020 - 2021

Open Door Pedagogy Network Members  
Name Department Email
Kate Browne Anthropology
Andrew Du Anthropology
Connie Fellmann Anthropology
Claire Chien Art & Art History
Roberto Muntoreanu Art & Art History
Kari Anderson Communication Studies
Elizabeth Williams Communication Studies
Alex Bernasek Economics
Anita Pena Economics
Genesea Carter English
Virginia Chaffee English
Ryan Claycomb English
Sue Doe English
Ricki Ginsberg English
Nancy Henke English
Cindy O'Donnell-Allen English
Ray Black Ethnic Studies
Roe Bubar Ethnic Studies
Eric Ishiwata Ethnic Studies
Leisl Carr Childers History
Ann Little History
Jared Orsi History
Michelle Ancell Journalism & Media Communication
Tori Arthur Journalism & Media Communication
Marilee Long Journalism & Media Communication
Peter Erickson Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Mohammed Hirchi Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Andrea Purdy Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Katie McShane Philosophy
Ken Shockley Philosophy
Pamela Duncan Political Science
Marcela Velasco Political Science
Denise Apodaca School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Forest Greenough School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Madeline Harvey School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Saffron Henke School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Andrew Knight School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Seth Pendergast School of Music, Theatre and Dance
John Pippen School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Tara Opsal Sociology
Elena Windsong Sociology