Associate Director of Composition


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  • Position:

    • Associate Director of Composition
    • Assistant Professor
  • Concentration:

    • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Department:

    • English and University Composition Program
  • Education:

    • PhD, University of New Mexico


Genesea M. Carter is the Associate Director of Composition and an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University. Her research agenda explores the ways in which curriculum, outcomes, and program development impact student learning and instructors’ professional development. Her work has been published in Open Words: Access and English Studies, the Journal of Teaching Writing, and Composition Studies. Her experience teaching students across the socio-economic spectrum led her to develop an edited collection with Bill Thelin titled Class in the Composition Classroom: Pedagogy and the Working Class. Her current research, which focuses on kairos and rhetorical agency, seeks to better understand the relationship between multimodal pedagogy, digital literacies, and posthumanism.