Rosa Mikeal Martey

Contact Information

Phone: (970) 491-6469



Twitter: rmmartey


Office: C-218 Clark Bldg.

Office Hours: Tuesdays 1:00 p.m.

Role: Faculty

Position: Associate Professor

  • New communication technologies
  • Online social interaction
  • Games and learning
  • Virtual worlds
  • Web design and information
  • Visual communication

Department: Journalism & Media Communication


Dr. Martey received her Doctorate from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, from which she also holds a Masters of Science in Economics. Dr. Martey's research focuses on social interaction in online contexts, from virtual worlds and multiplayer games (MMOs), to Facebook and online information-seeking. She focuses on ways that identities  emerge in such spaces, including gender, race, and sexual identities.

She recently conducted a 3-year, federally funded study examining communication and behavior in custom-built games in Second Life and in World of Warcraft using a variety of methodologies including participant-observation, online surveys, and game-play logs. Her areas of expertise include developing complex content analysis for chat, movement, and visual data to identify communicative behaviors including appearance, conversation, interpersonal interaction, and other cultural indicators. Current project include a contract from the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) to design, develop and experimentally examine features of an educational game that trains people to minimize reliance on cognitive biases when dealing with incomplete information.

Dr. Martey teaches several graduate courses on theories of digital technologies, digital data collection methods, and recently, information design. She also teaches the department capstone and several other undergraduate courses addressing digital technologies.


Ph.D., Communication, Annenberg School for Communication


Select Publications:

McKernan, B., Martey, R. M., Stromer-Galley, J., Kenski, K., & Folkestad, J. (2015). We don’t need no stinkin’ badges: The impact of reward features and feeling rewarded in educational games. Computers in Human Behavior.

Clegg, B. A., Martey, R. M., Stromer-Galley, J., Kenski, K., Saulnier, T., Folkestad, J. E., McLaren, E., Shaw, A., Lewis, J. E., Patterson, J. D., & Strzalkowski, T. (2014). Game-based training to mitigate three forms of cognitive bias. Proceedings of Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), 14180, 1-12.

Martey, R. M., Stromer-Galley, J., Banks, J., Wu, J., & Consalvo, M. (2014) The strategic female: gender-switching and player behavior in online games. Information, Communication & Society, 17, 286-300.

Martey, R. M., Kenski, K., Folkestad, J., Gordis, E., Feldman, L., Zhang, H., Kaufman, N., Rabkin, A., Shaikh, S., Stromer-Galley, J., Shaw, A., Clegg, B. & Strzalkowski, T. (2014). Measuring game engagement: Multiple methods and construct complexity. Simulation & Gaming: An International Journal of Theory, Practice and Research, 45, 528-547. doi:10.1177/1046878114553575.

Martey, R.M., Stromer-Galley, J., Reene, K., Consalvo, M., Strzalkowski, T., Wu, J., Banks, J., & Weihmann-Purcell, M. (2013). Communicating age in Second Life: The contributions of textual and visual factors. New Media & Society, 17, 41-61.

Martey, R., & Shiflett, K. (2012) Reconsidering site and self: Methodological frameworks for virtual-world research. International Journal of Communication [Online] 6:0. Available:

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Stromer-Galley, J. & Martey, R.M. (2009), Visual spaces, norm governed places: The influence of spatial context online. New Media & Society, 116, pp. 1041-1060.

Martey, R.M., & Stromer-Galley, J. (2007). The digital dollhouse: Context and social norms in The Sims Online, Games & Culture, 24, pp. 314-334.

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