College of Liberal Arts NTTF Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes
October 2, 2023


Item Type of Action Decision Required
A. Approve September 19 Minutes Vote Yes
B. CoNTFF Updates Info-Sharing No
C. Updates from Dean’s Office Discussion No
D. Campus Equity Week Info-sharing N/A
E. Department Equity Checklist Info-sharing N/A
F. Wrap up meeting and Adjourn N/A N/A


Members present: Eli Alberts, Ashlee Allen, Niroj Bhattarai, Thomas Conway, Dan Goble, Sadie Kinney-McGrath, Annie Krieg, Megan Lanz, Gregory Luft, Gina Robinson, Frankie Wilcox, Amanda Wright

Meeting notes:

Meeting Began – 3:31 PM

A. Approve September 19 Minutes

Eli moved to approve 9/19 minutes and the motion was seconded by multiple people. Minutes approved.

B. CoNTTF – Update from Tom

  1. There is an October 3rd meeting, but Tom won’t be there. They are working on an activity for equity week but not sure what it will be yet.
  2. As part of Tom’s CoNTTF responsibilities he is serving on the Workload Equity Committee. It is that committee that met with chairs last spring. Their goal this year is to introduce workload equity tools to three departments that they can use. (Have not chosen them yet).
  3. They are preparing workload expectation guidelines to make everything more transparent and visible to help with expectations and promotions – not over committing. See the link:
  4. There will be an open forum on the budget on November 18, LSC Room 381 or on zoom – 1:30-3 pm – You can submit questions. It would be great if some of
    the NTTF committee members could attend.

C. Deans Office Report – Update by Annie

  1. Ellie said that she may put together a panel regarding interdisciplinary collaboration. She is working with Ryan Brooks to see if it fits with their vision.
  2. Clark swing space is in progress. Ryan Claycomb in charge so place reach out to him with any questions.
  3. Regarding the new building, all faculty will be treated equally with regard to new office space.

D. Campus Equity Week – Update by Frankie
We have a table that will be set up at the same time as the Diversity Symposium -October 23-26 Monday -Thursday 11- pm. We need 2-3 people per shift. It is currently scheduled to be outside the bookstore on the 2nd floor. There as discussion that this is not the best place to be seen, and all agreed we would rather have a table in the Lory Plaza. First shift will pick up tables and supplies and bring to Plaza and the 2nd shift will bring those back to the Dean’s office. Niroj is working on slides to show and will share them will all of us so we can use our own laptops to show students/faculty while we are on duty at the table. Sadie is working on getting a foam board sign perhaps with Fast Print. Sadie will give Niroj deadline for slides when she finds out about how long it takes to make the sign. We may invite CoNTFF folks later if they aren’t already setting up their own table. There was discussion about having a QR code that will give a link to the website with all the slides. There was a suggestion that we have two corkboards made: one for equity week and one for our committee for use in the future. Everyone signed up for a time to work at the table on Oct 23-26.

E. Department Equity Checklist
Don will work on this. He will bring in an admin to help. Don asked for some input to get started and Amanda and Annie said they would get him some info to get started.

F. Wrap-Up Meeting & Adjourn – 4:29 PM
No meeting October 28 or October 31.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Gina Robinson