College of Liberal Arts NTTF Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes
September 19, 2023


Item Type of Action Decision Required
A. Approve September 5 Minutes Vote Yes
B. Syllabus Updates Info-Sharing No
C. Campus Equity Week Discussion No
D. CoNTTF Update Info-sharing N/A
E. Connect to OIE Diversity Symposium Info-sharing N/A
F. Wrap up meeting and Adjourn N/A N/A


Members present: Eli Alberts, Ashlee Allen, Niroj Bhattarai, Keri Canada, Thomas Conway, Dan Goble, Sadie Kinney-McGrath, Annie Krieg, Megan Lanz, Ellie Light, Gregory Luft, Gina Robinson, Frankie Wilcox, Emily Wilson, Amanda Wright

Meeting notes:

Meeting Began – 3:31 PM

A. Approve September 5 Minutes

Eli moved to approve 9/5 minutes and the motion was seconded by multiple people. Minutes approved.

B. Syllabus Updates

We will remain a cohesive group and begin work with the Campus Equity Week planning first, and work on the Department Equity Checklist after that event.

C. Campus Equity Week

  • October 23 – 27. Annie suggested brief shifts to allow us to fit in volunteering with our teaching schedules. Perhaps one hour for the week. We could have a table without people at it, but should consider staffing it during times of heaviest foot traffic.
  • CLA NTTF AC Table
    1. Banner/large sign
    2. Candy
    3. Infographic(s), data/facts
      • Niroj volunteered to gather info and assemble an infographic. Megan offered to assist.
      • Ellie: Infographics and statistics on the flyer, yes, but also consider narratives and statements from NTTF about why we teach, why we are passionate, etc. Most likely, every student who attends CSU has taken a class with a CLA NTTF.
    4. Tablecloth? We could borrow one – Sadie has a CLA cloth.
    5. Maybe CoNTTF would like to be at our table, as well – connecting CCA people with CoNTTF reps, allowing us to meet NTTF from other colleges, etc.
    6. Annie: Documents/materials should not have dates on them in order to be usable/recyclable for future events
    7. What, specifically, do we want visitors to know, to be aware of, etc.? The data on infographics should speak directly to this. What do we want awareness OF?
      • CCAF teaching % of AUCC
      • By the time a student graduates, all students will have had at least one class with a CLA CCAF
      • Job security
      • Salary
      • Generate an ACTION ITEM for those who visit the table

D. CoNTTF – Update from Ellie and Tom, joint invite to President Parsons

  • CoNTTF has been working on getting CCAF eligibility for university awards (Distinguished Teaching Scholar, for example)
  • Possible updates within CoNTTF include Faculty Manual language changes
  • There is a possibility that Equity Week might not exist nationally anymore – the AAUP link is gone, no dates for 2023 are available. We can continue with planning, if it’s important to us, even though it seems to have disappeared on the national level. If we want to continue with Equity Week, we might want to create a legacy doc instructing how it came about, what we’ve done in previous years, etc. for subsequent years to have an easier time with putting activities together.
  • Ben Withers recognizes that the Clark remodel will affect NTTF. Efforts are being made to place teachers/classes as conveniently as possible. Anyone with concerns about their placements during Clark remodel should be directed toward Ryan Claycomb.
  • Ellie: Working on having PD funding be available to get laptops for CCA faculty. CCA can speak to Ellie regarding the use of PD funds. PD funding amounts depend upon the department.
  • Tom: Office of Provost is having a Faculty Success Open House on September 21 (LSC 9:30-11:30, Never No Summer room). CoNTTF, the Workload Equity Committee, Advocates and Allies will all have a table there.
  • Ellie: Current CCAF CLA numbers
    Continuing: 148 (last year: 145)
    Contract: 36 (last year: 39)
    Adjunct: 102 (last year: 100)
    Salary average $55,791 (last year it was $53,623)

E. Connect to OIE Diversity Symposium

  • Informational table with candy, perhaps?
  • Priority in developing a relationship with President Parsons: We could invite her to all our programming within the Diversity Symposium. Collab with Ria in OIE, etc. a possibility.

F. Wrap-Up Meeting & Adjourn – 4:31 PM

Minutes respectfully submitted by Megan Lanz