Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Minor Major Concentration Teacher Licensure

Did you know?
French is spoken by 125 million people: the first and second language spoken in 49 countries. Along with English, French is the official working language of The European Union, The United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, and the International Olympic Committee. With more than 4,600 French companies conducting business in the U.S. and Canada an important import/export partner, the possibilities for language use are plenty. Additionally, the Peace Corps gives priority to French speakers.

At CSU, we offer a comprehensive range of undergraduate courses in language, French and Francophone literature, culture, linguistics, and French for specific purposes (Business, Translation). With faculty specialties in applied linguistics, language pedagogy, and Francophone cultures and literatures, students will have a holistic experience of the French language. Outside the classroom, students can practice speaking French at regular French Club meetings and in many education abroad programs.