Department of Art and Art History

Major Concentration Specialization

As an undergraduate student in printmaking, you will have the opportunity to explore the rich historical traditions of various techniques as well as new innovative approaches to print media. Relief woodcut, Intaglio etching, lithography, screen-printing, handmade paper and post-digital applications will be explored during your coursework. Students who graduate with a degree in printmaking are confident in describing and explaining their work, and how to decipher historical prints in museums and galleries, and more broadly, how to consider new contemporary works from an interdisciplinary mindset.

During graduate study in printmaking, students are encouraged to zealously explore their own artistic path in depth, but also constantly question and critically examine their decisions throughout that process. While holding dear to the rich historical traditions of the medium, the dialogue surrounding what a print is will often be augmented by the investigation of what a print can be in the contemporary context. Graduate students are given large semi-private studio space across the hall from the main communal studio.


Graduate Program