Department of Economics

Major Minor Graduate Program

Much more than business, math or finance, a degree in economics prepares students for the widest array of interesting career choices and pathways into higher education. Economics is a science of human behavior focused on understanding how people and societies make decisions, provision for themselves and others, and create as well as solve social and ecological problems. Our undergraduate and graduate programs offer courses that cover a wide range of economic approaches, including both neoclassical and heterodox economics. Students will become critical thinkers who understand and can engage in debates about economic policy as well as master the techniques of economic analysis.

Students also have the opportunity to work with the Regional Economic Development Institute (REDI) that aims to understand, analyze, and inform economic development strategies particularly in struggling regions in both rural and urban areas, especially in Colorado.

The B.A. in Economics is available as an accelerated program, meaning students can graduate in 3 or 3.5 years by enrolling in summer semesters.