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Sport Management Institute

Colorado State University and the Colorado Rockies are teaming up to foster the next generation of sport management professionals with the Colorado Rockies Sport Management Institute at Colorado State University.

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Colorado State University established the Sport Management Institute in 2014, uniquely situated in the College of Liberal Arts to provide students with a humanities-based approach to developing well-rounded leaders in the management of sports. In 2022, CSU and the Colorado Rockies joined together in a partnership to build on the strengths of both organizations to offer CSU students an even more powerful academic experience.

Ready for the Majors?

The Institute, connecting one of the nation’s top research universities to an iconic sports franchise, is an innovative sport management program offering an undergraduate minor and a master’s degree, built to equip students with the knowledge, skills and experiences to pursue a career in the sports industry.

Students in the Institute develop the skills needed for success in sports leadership – strategic thinking, using research and data, problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity – and is uniquely situated in the College of Liberal Arts, which expands student learning to include social, cultural, and historical issues of sport.


Sport Management Minor

The Sport Management Interdisciplinary Minor, housed in the College of Liberal Arts, will provide undergraduate students with an overview of the sports industry from an interdisciplinary perspective, including the social, cultural, and historical aspects of sports. Students in this minor will acquire skills in various aspects of the sports industry, including public relations, turf management, facilities and event planning, management and marketing, hospitality services, diversity and leadership. Students will have hands-on experiences through internships and practicum opportunities with regional professional sports franchises.

For a list of specific courses, visit the CSU course catalog.

Future Students

Add a Sport Management minor during Ram Orientation.

Current Students

To declare a Sport Management minor contact Emily Lee.

Testimonials from Graduates

What did you learn in your coursework that you’ve taken into your jobs?

Incorporating diversity and inclusion knowledge and skills into my work has been really important.

The classes allowed me to network with sports industry professionals and find where I wanted to go within the sports industry.

Teamwork, learning to work with different leadership styles, understanding and embracing my own leadership style.

An understanding of how to view scenarios from a perspective other than my own.

Interviewing for jobs, how to grind with physically tough work, relationship building, and leading a team.


Sport Management Master’s

The Master of Sport Management (MSM) prepares students for leadership in intercollegiate and professional athletics as well as recreational sport

Through a targeted interdisciplinary curriculum and direct professional experience, students can focus on business development, sales, sport marketing, sport media and communications, facility and event management, community engagement, or sport law.
The MSM program welcomes students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds, from recent graduates to current professionals working as sport practitioners. Together, students explore the industries of sport and their own leadership abilities, focusing on values of selfless leadership, inclusive excellence, character and integrity, and globalization. In as little as 18 months, students develop the skills needed for success in sports leadership: strategic thinking, research interpretation, problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity.

Program concentrations include

  • Business foundations
  • Sport marketing
  • Sport media and communications

Currently, the MSM program is an asynchronous online program.

Testimonials from Graduates

I pursued a graduate degree in Sport Management because I aspire to work as an event coordinator for a professional sports team. I also wanted to advance my knowledge of the sport industry and learn how to be a successful sport manager.

[The sport management master’s] is a perfect fit for my personal and professional experience. Every one of my instructors have been incredibly knowledgeable about their content.

...nearly every class placed great value on social equity issues within sports, which is also very important to me.

Academic Opportunities for Institute Students

Annual Career Fair at CSU

Reserved for Sport Management Institute Students

In January/February, the Rockies will travel to Fort Collins to hold a career fair for institute students. Department heads from various Rockies departments will share details on entry level positions that the Rockies are hiring for the upcoming season.

Annual Business of Baseball Day

Reserved for Sport Management Institute Students

Colorado State University and the Rockies will welcome students interested in learning about what it is like to work in Major League Baseball. Students will be able to meet members of the Rockies front office and learn about the organization. This will include an interactive Q&A with different department representatives. CSU students will help with setup and getting students into the stadium for the event.

Live Speaker Events

Open to the campus community

Colorado State University and the Rockies will host several live speaker events each semester at CSU’s Fort Collins campus and at Coors Field in Denver. This will include an interactive Q&A with Rockies’ Senior Leadership and VPs of various departments.

Curriculum Integration

Reserved for Sport Management Institute Students

The Colorado Rockies will consult on various topics relevant to the operations of a professional sports team, including the opportunity for CSU to create a case study/capstone style project which student teams could present back to Rockies employees.

In-Game Entertainment and Event Operations Crew Internships

These paid positions will be offered to 8-10 CSU students to work throughout the summer months of the Colorado Rockies baseball season. Only students that have been in the Sport Management program for a year or more are eligible for hire. Students will receive:

  • Paid part-time position through the Colorado Rockies
  • Class credit to be allocated toward CSU courses
  • Experience in a professional sports organization
  • Networking across Colorado Rockies various departments