Department of Communication Studies


Our communities face increasingly complex problems year after year. They will require more than experts or politicians to solve them. The Deliberative Practices Graduate Specialization provides the tools and hands-on experience needed to design and facilitate public engagement that results in effective decision-making. Throughout the program, students work in partnership with the nationally recognized Center for Public Deliberation (CPD). With students trained in small group facilitation, the CPD assists local government, school boards, and community organizations by researching issues and developing useful background material, and then designs, facilitates, and reports on innovative public events.

Interested students apply for the Deliberative Practices Specialization during the fall of their first semester in the communication studies graduate program. Admission into this track must be approved by the Director of the CPD. Students within the Deliberative Practices Specialization complete a research project and practicum experience in lieu of a thesis project.

Graduate Program