Committee for Equity Advocacy

College of Liberal Arts

Committee for Equity Advocacy

The CLA Committee for Equity Advocacy (CEA) is a group of faculty, staff, and students who are engaged in equity and justice work in the college. It aims to advance a climate of equity and strengthen our college community by providing members with opportunities to share and learn, support each other with resources and feedback, and collaborate in assessing the present and planning for the future.


We aim to engage a range of voices among faculty, staff, and students in developing and implementing equity-oriented efforts at CLA. We seek to generate meaningful impact on the college climate through highlighting work done across the college and supporting new initiatives that integrate considerations about equity throughout our practices and programs. We also seek to connect these efforts to broader campus-wide work.


  • Support and highlight ongoing equity work in the college, especially work at the department/unit level
  • Address concerns and needs of CLA community members by identifying helpful data and assessments, both qualitative and quantitative (gaps, effectiveness, etc.)
  • Raise awareness of equity efforts in CLA (and across campus) by tracking and communicating equity efforts across CLA
  • Improve the climate of equity in CLA by developing and implementing new events, initiatives, programs, talks, etc.
  • Contribute to the CLA Diversity Strategic Plan by encouraging initiatives that address it

CEA Members & Participation

CEA members are faculty, staff, and students who are engaged in equity and justice work in the college. Members provide feedback, ideas, perspectives, and critiques to CEA materials on a regular basis (resource collections, event tracking, climate assessments, etc.). These contributions also address projects or activities developed by the subcommittees to strengthen collaboration and sharing of perspectives across the members. They participate in several ways:

  • Coordinating Committee – 6 to 8 CEA members who guide and collect knowledge as a central coordinating committee to support and communicate out the work done by the Working Groups and the full committee.
  • Full group – 40 to 50 people from CLA that include faculty of all ranks, staff, and students. Represents all departments and a wide range of social identities and political perspectives.
  • Working Groups – All members select a working group to focus their efforts on the classroom, workplace, or research/scholarship.

Working Groups

The CEA Working Groups are subcommittees of the CEA that meet approximately monthly to develop ideas and feedback related to equity work around each area. They discuss and identify priorities, challenges, goals, questions, and actions related to advancing a climate of equity in order to provide feedback to leadership and develop new programs and initiatives.


There are many places on campus where you can find resources for equity work at the university. The main resources developed and maintained by the CEA are listed here, and sites with collections of other campus resources are below.

CLA Resources

  • Bias and other reporting systems - Annotated list of various reporting systems at CSU for incidents of bias, discrimination, conflict, integrity, and harassment
  • CLA Diversity Equity & Inclusion
  • CLA Classroom Climate - Resources on inclusive pedagogy, academic freedom, freedom of speech, and wellness
  • Academic Freedom in the Classroom: Instructors | Students - Policies, guidelines, syllabus language, and reporting around academic freedom and inclusive pedagogy
  • Open Door Pedagogy Network - Network of CLA faculty offering conversation and resources about pedagogy
  • CLA Experts - List of all CLA researching faculty (tenure track and CCAF) in one searchable document
  • DEIJ courses - List of CLA courses that address address equity, inclusion, social justice, and diversity

Campus Resources & Initiatives

There are many resources and programs at CSU focused on equity work. You can find resources at the following sites:

CEA Coordinating Committee Members

The following are the CEA members who currently serve on the group’s Coordinating Committee. If you have questions about the group or about the working groups, please feel free to reach out.


Rosa Mikeal Martey

  • Professor
  • Faculty Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Workplace Working Group Lead

Emily Morgan

  • Associate Professor of Dance
  • Director of Dance

Workplace Working Group Lead

Beth Etter

  • Director of Communications

Classroom Working Group Lead

Ashby Butnor

  • Associate Professor
  • Director of Communications

Classroom Working Group Lead

Elena Windsong

  • Associate Professor of Teaching

Research/Scholarship Working Group Lead

Pat Mahoney

  • Associate Professor of Teaching