The Role of a Dean's Office

The College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office explained.

Because of our easily accessible location on the northwest side of Clark C, we in the dean’s office, get a lot of different questions. From "When is commencement?" to "Where is Clark B?".

Our front office staff are happy to answer all of the questions, but we do more than direct people to where they want to go. The dean’s office facilitates the functions and goals of the College at large.

The primary role of the dean’s office is to direct a 21st century liberal arts education through learning, scholarship, and engagement.

To accomplish that, the dean's office:

Provides strategic direction
to the departments and units
within the College

Supports the College's
people and programs

Assists in the daily
function of the College

The core activities of the dean's office


Learning, scholarship, and engagement in the classroom and beyond.


The dean's office leadership team

Dr. Braunstein is currently serving as interim dean while a national search is underway.


is responsible for:

  • Strategic direction of the college
  • Oversight of departments and units
  • Leads Council of Chairs

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs

is responsible for:

  • Grants and funding
  • Graduate academic programs
  • Graduate student issues
  • Research and artistry tracking, representation, and committee work
  • Leads Graduate Coordinators Council and Graduate Student Council

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

is responsible for:

  • Faculty recruitment and professional development
  • Tenure, promotion, and evaluation
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Strategic planning
  • Facilities and spaces

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

is responsible for:

  • Undergraduate academic programs
  • Undergraduate student issues
  • Education Abroad
  • Leads Undergraduate Coordinators Council and Curriculum Committee

Assistant Dean for Student Success

is responsible for:

  • CCA faculty development
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Career education
  • Academic Support Center
  • Leads NTTF Advisory Committee

Faculty Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

is responsible for:

  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Leads Equity Advocacy Committee

strategize  •  assist  •  facilitate •  guide  •   organize  •  recruit  •  coordinate  •  implement  •   lead  •  teach  •  support  •  advise  •  fix   •  communicate