College of Liberal Arts NTTF Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes
September 5, 2023


Item Type of Action Decision Required
A. FA23 Committee Syllabus Announcements No
B. Equity Week Discussion No
C. CoNTTF Update Info-sharing No
D. Additional Announcements, etc. Info-sharing N/A
E. Wrap up meeting and Adjourn N/A N/A


Members present: Eli Alberts, Ashlee Allen, Niroj Bhattarai, Keri Canada, Thomas Conway, Dan Goble, Sadie Kinney-McGrath, Annie Krieg, Megan Lanz, Ellie Light, Gregory Luft, Frankie Wilcox, Emily Wilson, Amanda Wright

Meeting notes:

A. FA23 Committee Syllabus (Annie Krieg)

Semester syllabus created out of the results of last week’s poll regarding priorities

Proposed: Committee to break into sub-committees to address tasks from survey

  • Sub-group 1: Department Equity Checklist
    • Technology needs for NTTF, types of conversations departments should be having with their NTTF, voting rights, etc. – benchmarks to make sure we are providing a supportive work environment for NTTF
    • To be presented Spring 2024
  • Sub-group 2: Equity Week
    • Targeting October 17th meeting as an open meeting where full committee comes back together to discuss Equity Week
  • Appointed committee members are allowed to be on these sub-committees

Counterproposition: Tackle each of these two projects as one group, with Equity Week being our first charge. This would allow us to draw inspiration from more people on each.
We will decide this soon.

B. Equity Week

  • October 23-27, 2023
  • No set events for each year
  • Need to decide on target population (either sub-committee or full committee)
  • Looking into acquiring funds to support a guest speaker
  • Frankie Wilcox will distribute a survey to allow for departmental feedback regarding climate for NTTF (discussions, mentorship for promotion, etc.)

C. CoNTTF Update (Tom Conway)

University-wide Workload Equity Committee

  • Spring 2023 discussions regarding workload equity across all departments
  • Tools will be introduced to assess workload equity
    1. Proposed/planned audits, questions for NTTF regarding service benchmarks and other concerns including climate and promotion expectations
    2. Advocates and Allies group comprised on one member from each college to make interdisciplinary issues visible

D. Additional Information

Ryan Claycomb will attend one of our November meetings to report re: salary compression, contracts, etc.

E. Wrap-Up Meeting & Adjourn – 4:31 PM

Minutes respectfully submitted by Megan Lanz