College of Liberal Arts NTTF Advisory Committee – Group A

Meeting Minutes
April 3, 2023


Item Type of Action Decision Required
A. Dean’s Office Update Info-Sharing Yes / No
B. CoNTTF Update – Contracts Task Force Update Info-Sharing and Discussions No
C. Bryan Gillispie, CLA Director of IT – CCAF Tech Needs Discussion No
D. August Conference – registration, event promotion, session proposals Discussion No
E. Promotion Process and Professional Development Discussion No
F. Wrap up meeting and Adjourn N/A N/A


Meeting notes:

A. Dean’s Office Update (Ellie Light):
The Provost is still accepting applications for a course release for next semester. Encourage people in department to apply for it. April 28 is the deadline to apply.

B. CoNTTF Update (Tom Conway):
Prioritizing a service audit in different departments. Tools for measuring service. The head of CoNTTF reported to faculty council on contracts last month. There is a lot of confusion about contracts. Legislation passed to increase contracts for NTTF faculty from 3-5 years. There is also a workload equity taskforce, which will prioritize helping units address current inequities that particularly affect marginalized communities. Ellie: Chairs seemed to be supportive of these efforts.

C. Bryan Gillispie, CLA Director of IT:
Computers currently provided to CCAF will not be able to run Windows 11. IT will be rolling out new computers, but it will take time to get them to all CCAF. This will be a multi-year project. Broader question of equity and technology access, including software and other necessary tools. Ellie: “That info was from Ryan and my meetings with CCAF that we had with individual departments. I can share that info with the committee if there is interest.” Tremendous shift in how CCAF are viewed and valued. Bryan wants to model out how to get better computers to CCAF. Annie Krieg: “What can our committee do to help with these efforts.” Bryan: “A survey would be helpful.” This will be a slow process. Amanda Wright: “The biggest issue might be how more CCAF can get laptops.”

D. August Conference:
Ellie, Tom, Annie, Frankie, and Sadie are all on the planning committee. Annie: Now is the time to think about topics for the conference. Please encourage people to attend the conference and submit proposals. Gina Robinson: What would be some valuable topics? Annie: Somebody last year talked about un-grading. Sharing ideas of what worked in the classroom. Possible roundtable discussions. The planning committee is happy to hear ideas for the conference. Ellie: “We have 45 registered for the conference right now and we have 75 slots available. This is the last year we have funding.”

E. Promotion Process and Professional Development
Seventeen people are up for promotion this year. Anyone who is having difficulty putting together promotion dossiers can contact Ellie for help.

F. Wrap up meeting and adjourn

Minutes respectfully submitted by Eli Alberts