College of Liberal Arts NTTF Advisory Committee – Group B

Meeting Minutes
April 17, 2023


Item Type of Action Decision Required
A. Approval of Minutes from Meetings on 2/20/23 and 3/20/23 Discussion Yes
B. Salary Inversion Info sharing & Discussion No
C. CLA CCAF Summer Professional Development Conference Info sharing & Discussion No
D. Other Discussion No
E. Wrap up meeting and Adjourn N/A N/A


Present were: Frankie Wilcox, Thomas Conway, Ashlee Allen, Luciana Marques, Dani Castillo, Sadie Kinney-McGrath

Meeting notes:

A. Approval of Minutes from Meetings on 2/20/23 & 3/20/23: Minutes Approved

B. Salary Inversion
We are approaching a second round of inversions as Senior Instructor salaries are set to pass those of Master Instructors this fall. There will soon be a formal request from CLA to approve a salary increase so that those at the Master Instructor rank receive a bump. It was discussed that the Provost won’t make a decision until the budget is approved by the State, and this is expected to happen late May or June, though the timeline for neither the formal request nor the decision is clear. It was also discussed that President Parsons has expressed interest in addressing the salaries of the lowest paid at the university first, which is not the category Master Instructors fall under.

Tom asked the Committee to think about if there is anything that we can or should be doing right now with regards to inversion (in advisory or advocacy capacities). At this point, we have asked for clarification on timelines and whether we should be optimistic.

C. CLA CCAF Summer Professional Development Conference
Sadie reminded the Committee that the CLA CCAF Summer Professional Development Conference is scheduled for August 9th and 10th, and requests for proposals are due May 1. We are asked to encourage folks from our departments to submit proposals. There are stipends awarded for those presenting as well as attending, and attendance registration is welcomed throughout the summer.

D. Other
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs Search
Sadie updated the Committee on the hiring search for Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs, a new position created to fill the one vacated by Roze Hentschell, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies. The search has been narrowed to three candidates, and the final open forum is scheduled for 4/27.

PLACE / English Update
Luciana asked Ashlee to update the Committee on what’s happening at PLACE, and to speak about the PLACE CCAF/NTTF Committee, which was put on pause in spring of 2022. Ashlee explained that, as she understood it, the NTTF Committee was originally established primarily as (but not limited to) a means of communication and advocacy between INTO CSU Faculty and the INTO CSU Management Team, and to ensure representation of INTO CSU Faculty in college and university-wide conversations and committees. As for the ending of the committee, it was communicated to faculty that in general there was a need to widen our lens to consider greater OIP initiatives and faculty, and that the conversation of having a CCAF Committee would be revisited again down the road. It was also understood that not all INTO/PLACE faculty were supportive of having an NTTF Committee, and so this pushback certainly influenced the decision. Under the leadership of Lauren Kinter, there are now several active committees and working groups at PLACE
(focused on CEA Accreditation, Curriculum, and more).

There are also conversations being held about an “academic home” for PLACE faculty. Recently, Faculty Council voted to allow contract and continuing faculty who do not belong to an academic unit to have representation on Faculty Council with the addition of new CCAF non-academic unit representative(s). This has prompted conversations within OIP about the future home of PLACE faculty, and about the feasibility of bringing PLACE essentially in-house at OIP, if supported by the Provost and other stakeholders.

CoNTFF Update
Tom updated the Committee on a service audit, in progress. What they are finding overall is that there are inconsistencies among departments, specifically with regards to what constitutes meets, exceeds, and superior levels of service. The question of service has taken on importance alongside its connection to the promotion process.

Cost of Living Proposal
It is being proposed that there be a cost of living increase that would be a flat dollar amount, rather than a percentage of one’s salary, which favors those making more. The justification is to address inflation across the board. With this proposal, merit increases would stay the same, and it would not cost CSU more. Questions around how this would not increase costs to CSU were raised by the Committee, without resolution. Will follow up.

G. Wrap up meeting and adjourn

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ashlee Allen