Director of International Studies



I have been teaching at Colorado State University since Fall 2010, and I have served as Director of International Studies since Fall 2013. In addition to my administrative duties, I teach INST core curriculum courses as well as courses in European, Islamic, and World History, and Honors. I am a scholar of modern global environmental history. My current research investigates the social impacts of environmental policy on subaltern populations in the Mediterranean region during the colonial era. I share my students' thirst for knowledge about the wider world and passion for international experiences and cross-cultural communication. I have studied nearly a dozen languages, including French, German, Arabic, and Turkish. I have visited 24 countries in five continents and have lived in France and Turkey. I hope to continue to travel and learn much more.

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  • INST 200: Approaches to Globalization

  • INST 492: Capstone Seminar

  • HIST 116: The Islamic World since 1500

  • INST 301: International Studies Research Methods