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Experience a student-led tour of the learning spaces in the College of Liberal Arts and explore what it's like to be a student in CLA. Our student ambassador team is also available for questions at all CSU Visit Days.

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Hannah Headshot


Leadership Development & Communication Coordinator

Majors: English & Political Science

Minor: International Development

Year: Senior

CSU was on Hannah's radar after a high school percussion ensemble performance held on campus. As the time came to make a college decision, CSU's Honors and Liberal Arts programs, campus community, and financial aid opportunities all convinced Hannah to become a Ram. Upon arriving to CSU, Hannah's professors helped her choose to study both political science and English. She plans to combine these interests into a career as a published author that will help make a difference in the world through political discourse. Hannah is a Blake Leadership Scholar and Honors student, and her other involvements include Spiritus Mundi (the Honors literary magazine), Honors Undergraduate Research, and Navigator's Ministry.

Kate McGill_Headshot


Campus Events & Marketing Coordinator

Majors: Political Science & Ecosystem Science/Sustainability

Year: Junior

Kate, originally from Nebraska, chose to study at CSU because of its welcoming atmosphere and proximity to the mountains. She is interested in a career in ecosystem policy, so the combination of an excellent political science program and an ecosystems approach to ecology made CSU a clear choice. Kate's double major provides her the perfect balance of understanding the physical systems of the environment and the human institutions that influence their health. In addition to the CLA Ambassadors, Kate is a member of the Zero Waste Team, works on undergraduate research, and participates in the University Honors Program.

Megan Spensiero_Headshot


Campus Visits & Tours Coordinator

Major: Communication Studies

Year: Junior

Originally from southern California, where the weather is always hot, she wanted to experience a new environment that had all the seasons. When touring schools, she fell in love with all of CSU's beautiful green spaces and friendly people. Knowing that she was interested in many different things, she wanted to find a major that was universal and allowed her to explore. She chose communications because it allowed her to explore new things and enhance her speaking and organizational skills. Megan uses what she learns in her classes and applies it to how she sees the world around her. In the future, she is considering working in either high school or college admissions because she loves talking to people.  In addition to the CLA Ambassadors, Megan is part of fraternity and sorority life and CHARRG, an on campus work out club.

Catie Harris_Headshot


Majors: Theatre Design, Technology & Business Administration

Year: Junior

Originally from Texas, Catie considers Colorado a second home. She chose to study at CSU because of the excellent combination of high academic standards and a talented theatre program. Catie found her passion for the technical side of theatre in high school and believes the people backstage to be the unsung heroes of production. She hopes to have a career in stage management, and she decided to double major in the College of Business to further diversify her applicable skills. When she isn't working on a show or with the CLA Ambassadors, Catie also serves on the Theatre Student Advisory Council.

Erin Fuller_Headshot


Majors: English, Creative Writing

Minor: Music, Stage, and Sports Production

Year: Junior

Erin found himself at CSU after exploring the campus and Fort Collins while his sister was attending CSU. Growing up in Broomfield, they have always loved the unique city/mountain landscape Colorado provides. At CSU, Erin dove into a degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, following their passion for writing. He plans on becoming a professional playwright and has participated in multiple CSU theatre productions with that goal in mind. He loves the small community found in his English classes. Erin works at 90.5 KCSU, the campus radio station. At KCSU, they are the podcast director and DJs for the station. They absolutely love their work, their people, and listening to music 24/7.

Jala Ward_Headshot


Majors: Sociology

Minor: Interdisciplinary Legal Studies

Year: Junior

Jala chose CSU because of the beautiful environment, the Principles of Community, and the programs CSU offers. Jala has always had an interest in societal trends, dilemmas, and the relationship between the individual and institutions. She studies Sociology because it is such a diverse topic; it includes a broad range of interests and evaluates historical and modern issues. She hopes that developing her knowledge of cultural understanding, socialization, and deviance will allow her to pursue a career in the legal field as a criminal defense attorney. In addition to the ambassador team Jala also works on campus as a supervisor for the Ram's Horn Dining Center.

Izzy Blosser_Headshot


Major: English, Education & Literature

Year: Sophomore

Izzy came to Fort Collins from Pendleton, Indiana. She fell in love with the mountains and the kind and welcoming campus. Izzy has been interested in education for a few years, and they recently narrowed that passion to English education. She wants to become a secondary English educator and is focused on implementing works of historically marginalized communities into common curriculum. Their favorite CSU memories have been playing in CSU's Marching Band and Rampage Basketball Band at games throughout the school year. She loves the sense of community the bands and the games foster.

Amber Headshot

Amber Thibeault

Major: Women and Gender Studies & Ethnic Studies

Year: Junior

Amber decided on CSU after experiencing the welcoming environment on campus. She was especially excited about the bike friendly nature of campus and staying close to her sister, who also attends CSU. She began her journey as just a Women and Gender Studies major but has added on Ethnic Studies because she found these areas go hand-in-hand when learning about the world. She enjoys the open conversations in her classes and constantly learning new things, and she feels that the variety of skills she has gained will help her connect with an array of opportunities after undergrad. Outside of class, she is involved in the Invisible Disabilities Club and works for the Women and Gender Advocacy center on the Red Whistle Brigade.

Sophia Galier_Headshot



Major: Art, Graphic Design

Year: Sophomore

As Sophia likes to say, she got to CSU with lots of hard work and a 13 hour car ride. Originally from Argyle, Texas, Sophia is studying Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. Through her major, she's learned basic art skills, creative ways of thinking, and how to take critiques. These skills lead her to success in both school work and personal projects. Professor Isabelle Pech's art history class was an especially impactful part of her academic career. Outside of class, she enjoys making jewelry with the metals guild and volunteering at Planned Parenthood Generation 101.

Anna Harbert_Headshot

Anna Harbert

Major: Dance

Minor: Nutrition

Year: Junior

Anna was originally attending school in Southern California and transferred to CSU. Her dad went to school at Colorado State so it had always been a possibility in her mind. She loves the beautiful environment and the welcoming liberal arts atmosphere. Anna believes performing arts have a big influence on people's lives and learns social, physical, and professional skills in her dance classes at CSU. She added on her nutrition minor after taking an introduction to nutrition class and hopes to tie her two  interests together to provide nutritional information to dancers. Anna is also a member of the Nutrition Club and works at the University Center of the Arts.

Sandy Rath_Headshot



Major: English

Year: Junior

As an international student, Sandy chose CSU because she felt she could represent herself without feeling different in a negative way. She loves the greenery and mountains surrounding campus and Fort Collins reminds her of a beautiful town she loves in India, which makes her feel close to home. She originally planned on studying biology but switched to English to develop a life long love of writing creative stories. In the future she hopes to either get a PhD in English or go to law school. Outside of class, Sandy is involved all over campus. She works at the Student Leadership Involvement and Community and Engagement (SLiCE) Office and Laurel Village's front desk, and she is a member of the Indian Student Association and the Pre Law club.

Ashley Jones-Sykes_Headshot

Ashley   Jones-Sykes

Major: Journalism & Communication Studies

Year: Junior

Ashley is originally from Colorado Springs and wanted to stay in-state for college. She chose CSU because she loved how the campus looked and had a good feeling about her future here. She originally came into CSU as a geology major but after participating in the exploratory studies program switched her major to Journalism. This switch fit her love of other peoples stories perfectly. Her favorite class so far was POLS 131: Current World Problems. The professor of this class had a unique outlook on many issues and she found it engaging. In the future, she knows the flexible nature of her degree will help her go in any direction she chooses.

Carter Robinder_Headshot

Carter Robinder

Major: Political Science & Economics

Minor: History

Year: Sophomore

Carter has been interested in politics since high school and wanted to study this passion in undergrad. He chose to add on economics to his degree program because it helps him understand political science on a deeper level. At CSU, Carter participates in the History Club, works as desk staff at Newsom Hall, and is a Resident Assistant on Campus. They plan on finishing their degree in three years instead of four, and they recently completed an internship in Washington D.C. working for a foreign embassy. This is a stepping stone in Carter's goal of working for the State Department.

Maddy King_Headshot



Major: English, Literature

Minor: Media Studies & Anthropology

Year: Junior

Maddy is an out of state student from Tucson, Arizona. She chose CSU because she wanted to be out of state but not too far from home. English has been a constant love in her life; to her, the power of language is one of the most impactful in the world. Through her major, she has learned critical reading and analysis skills and she loves the different routes she can take within her major and minors. Her anthropology minor stemmed from her semester taking ANTH 200, a class she enrolled in to fulfill one of the university's core requirements and ended up loving.