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Experience a student-led tour of the learning spaces in the College of Liberal Arts and explore what it's like to be a student in CLA. Our student ambassador team is also available for questions at all CSU Visit Days, including Explore CSU and Choose CSU.

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Madison Taylor | Student Ambassador

Madison Taylor

Leadership Development & Communication Coordinator

Major: Economics, Political Science (Global Politics & Policy), and Journalism & Media Communication

Year: Senior

Madison completed her first year of college at CSU Pueblo in her hometown before transferring to the Fort Collins campus which immediately gave her the impression of a strong supportive community that would help her succeed.  Her interest in politics and law drove her to her major. Pursuing a JMC minor was with the intention of developing her technical skills and achieving a well rounded education.  Madison is a member of the Chi Omega Sorority, the CSU Honors Program, the Chief Justice Emeritus of ASCSU, the President of the Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society, and a member of the Omicron Delta Epsilon International Economics Honor Society.


Hannah Hurlbut | Student Ambassador

Hannah Hurlbut

Marketing & Events Coordinator

Major: International Studies (Asian Studies) and Communication Studies

Minor: Chinese

Year: Senior

Hannah was adopted from China, grew up in Denver, and chose CSU because it felt like home. She is currently Social Media Director of the Chinese Language Club, President of the Council of International Student Affairs, an English Language Conversation Partner in the INTO program, a member of Kappa Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, and a member of the CSU Honors Program, in addition to the CLA Ambassador program. Hannah loves her major because she personally gets to see how CSU fosters an environment where students from all different backgrounds and countries can feel comfortable, accepted, and heard.

Meggs Valliere | Student Ambassador

Megan Valliere

Campus Visits & Tours Coordinator

Major: Political Science

Minor: English and Legal Studies

Year: Junior

Megan is a Colorado local who chose CSU because of its amazing academic opportunities and supportive campus community. She loves studying Political Science and is also involved in the University Honors Program. Being an ambassador is truly the most rewarding experience, as she loves being able to create and share positive experiences with prospective students and families. In her free time, Megan is an intern for a local nonprofit and an avid lover of yarn crafts and her dog, Mr. Simon.

Aram Sahakyan | Student Ambassador

Aram Sahakyan

Major: Philosophy

Minor: Legal Studies and Global Studies

Year: Senior

Aram was originally interested in attending Boulder, but after visiting CSU his heart and head told him he belonged here. Aram is from Rockville, Maryland but considers his second home to be Fort Collins, Colorado. Aram loves being an ambassador for the college because he gets to share his story with other people and connect with all kinds of different individuals. Aram loves promoting the college because he fully believes in what it stands for. In addition to being a CLA Ambassador, Aram is part of the CSU Club Soccer team and an active member of the Center for Public Deliberation.

Andrea Day | Student Ambassador

Andrea Day

Major: English (Creative Writing)

Minor: Media Studies

Year: Sophomore

Andrea has a passion for writing because she firmly believes in the power of the written word.  She is a member of the CSU Figure Skating club team, as well as its fundraising chair, and is involved in the Global Village living community.  Andrea chose CSU because the liberal arts program stood out to her and she felt a strong connection with the campus through her family.  Through her position as a CLA student ambassador, she strives to be more involved on campus.  After CSU, Andrea plans to use her aptitude for writing to influence the writing and publishing industry.

Annie Eeghart | Student Ambassador

Annie Egghart

Major: English (Creative Writing & Literature)

Minor: Film studies

Year: Sophomore

Annie is a Colorado native who chose CSU because of its small class sizes and the immediate feeling of being home when she first stepped on campus.  Her studies reflect her love of storytelling and give her the forum to be at work creatively.  She has found connections with others who share her same appreciation for English and she continues to explore opportunities in screenwriting programs and study abroad programs that coincide with her major.  Annie was involved with the Key Communities last year and applies her skills of team-building and flexibility from that program to her position as a student ambassador.

Cassie Franks | Student Ambassador

Cassie Franks

Major: History

Minor: Creative Writing

Year: Senior

Cassie began her studies at Northern Arizona University before deciding to visit CSU where she was immersed in an environment of supportive faculty, staff, and students.  After deciding to make CSU her home, Cassie began to thrive both in and outside of the classroom.  Through both the student ambassador program and the National FFA Alumni Association, Cassie connected with students, her community, and herself on a new level.  Her passion for history and writing have grown with her at CSU and after graduation she plans to attend graduate school in order to work towards her teaching aspirations as well as continue writing in her spare time.

Daniel Trump | Student Ambassador

Daniel Trump

Major: English

Minor: Legal Studies

Year: Junior

Daniel is originally from Fairfax, Virginia.  He visited CSU at a young age and its lasting impression led him to return for a tour in high school, reaffirming his love for the University and causing him to choose to be a CSU Ram.  Through his studies, Daniel has improved his written communication skills, preparing him for his goal of attending law school.  His well-rounded character is undeniable as he plays rugby for CSU alongside his involvement as a student ambassador.

Fiona McAliney | Student Ambassador

Fiona McAliney

Major: Art History

Minor: German

Year: Junior

Growing up in Durango, Colorado, allowed Fiona to develop a deep-rooted love for her beautiful state.  Her dual desires of wanting to remain in Colorado as well as experience living in a larger city were formative in her decision to attend CSU, a place that embodies both of these. Fiona's fascination for art history grew from her appreciation for how the intermingling of art and humans have resulted in their vast influence on one another.  Beyond her studies, Fiona is involved in the CSU German Club, CSU Honors Program as well as a member of the Denver Art Museum.

Gillian Stieren | Student Ambassador

Gillian Stieren

Major: International Studies

Year: Sophomore

Three things stood out to Gillian about CSU: its larger university size, its remarkable liberal arts program, and its exemplary international studies major.  These three factors alongside her admiration for the University's campus and Fort Collins marked her decision to choose CSU.  Gillian has learned critical thinking skills which she uses in her analysis of contemporary global issues. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors with her friends and leads outdoor excursions as an officer in the CSU Outdoor Club.  This semester, she is embarking on a new adventure by taking part in the CSU Semester at Sea study abroad program.

Gussie Miller | Student Ambassador

Gussie Millar

Major: Political Science

Minors: Criminal Justice and Legal Studies

Year: Senior

Gussie comes to CSU all the way from New Zealand.  In her search for schools in Colorado, a strong sense of community was an important factor.  The welcoming atmosphere at CSU led Gussie to feel at home and informed her decision to apply to the University.  Since her start at CSU, Gussie has become an involved student academically and extracurricularly.  She is a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, ASCSU, and intramural sports.  After graduation, she plans to obtain her master's degree in student affairs and higher education.

Hannah Taylor

Hannah Taylor

Major: History and German

Minors: Political Science

Year: Junior

Hannah grew up in Pueblo West and knew that she wanted a university that offered a German majorr (not just minor!). CSU met her language studies needs and has given her plentiful opportunities to get involved in student organizations. Previously she served in ASCSU and the Student Fee Board, but is now a member of Pi Beta Phi and the CLA ambassador team. After graduation, she plans on taking the LSAT and GRE to apply for law school and Ph.D. history programs.

Jade | Student Ambassador

Jade Felthoven

Major: History (Social Studies Teaching)

Year: Junior

Jade is from Aurora, Colorado, and has been enamored with Fort Collins since her youth, resulting in her decision to be a CSU Ram.  At the start of her journey at CSU, Jade was a statistics major before she decided to change course and incorporate her enthusiasm for history from high school into her collegiate studies.  Outside the classroom Jade is a work-study employee in the Office of Financial Aid and an assistant speech and debate coach at a Denver high school.  Jade enjoys applying her studies in her student teaching experiences and hopes to study abroad in Rome.

Jenna Moore | Student Ambassador

Jenna Moore

Major: BM Performance

Minor: LEAP (Art Leadership and Administration)

Year: Sophomore

Jenna was able to experience CSU through high school basketball camps and through her older brother who attended the University.  She also was able to work with the CSU flute professor in middle school and her band performances were hosted by CSU.  This strong connection with the University as well as its welcoming atmosphere led to her decision to become a CSU Ram.  Jenna is in the CSU Honors Program, Honors Student Association, the international music fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota, a member of the Presidential Pep Band, and a section leader for the CSU Marching Band.  The ability to customize her education has played an important role in her student experience, and Jenna is excited for the endless possibilities to come.

Laura Garcia | Student Ambassador

Laura Cardona Garcia

Majors: Political Science & Sociology

Year: Junior

Although the affordability of CSU is initially what attracted Laura to CSU, she soon fell in love with the campus, faculty, and the endless opportunities the University provides its students.  Through her high school speech and debate team, Laura found her passion for social and political issues.  Her studies have cultivated her analytical thought processes and apt writing abilities.  Laura is also a member of Campus Connections and plans to apply to CSU’s Colorado Legislative Internship.

Merry Student | Ambassador

Merry Gebretsadik

Major: Political Science

Minors: Economics & Ethnic Studies

Year: Sophomore

Merry attended a summer program at CSU her junior year of high school.  Her familiarity with the University as well as the scholarships she was offered helped her decide to further her education at Colorado State.  Her desire to be a human rights influencer around the world and her interest in current events paved the path to her major.  Merry is a member of NRHH, ASCSU, Hall Council, UWOC, and the Elections Committee.  Even though her involvement on campus speaks for itself, Merry strives to find more ways to be involved, make more connections, and continue her academic excellence.

Moraima | Student Ambassador

Moraima Castaneda

Major: Political Science

Minors: Sociology

Year: Junior

The stark beauty of the campus as well as the proximity to Horsetooth Reservoir initially attracted Moraima to CSU, but the resources, support, and comradely were ultimately the reasons she fell in love with the University.  Moraima finds value in the rewarding courses she takes and CSU that have further cultivated her interest in politics and law.  Her ultimate goal is to become an immigration lawyer.

Torey Wyman | Student Ambassador

Torey Wyman

Major: Journalism and Communications Studies

Minor: Music, Stage and Sports Production

Year: Sophomore

Proximity to home, a stunning campus, and the sense that CSU felt like a good fit were the reasons behind Torey's decision to become a CSU Ram.  Through an AUCC course in media relations, Torey found her calling.  Through her studies, she has developed her communication, editorial photography, and feature writing skills, all of which she foresees as areas she is interested in pursuing after graduation.  Torey is involved in CSU dance theatre and TRIO.