Stephen Brackett (’06): Educator, Activist, Artist

In any given week, Brackett (Philosophy, ’06) says he may be speaking at four or five different public schools, giving a music workshop, sitting on a mayor-appointed arts council, working on new music tracks, mentoring young musicians, showing up at a protest, and training activists on how to do the work better. Member and emcee of the hip hop and rock band the Flobots, Brackett helped found and is on the board of Youth on Record, a nonprofit that uses music education to help underprivileged kids in Denver.

Social Justice Thru the Arts institute introduces high school students to ‘artivism’

The Social Justice Thru the Arts (SJTA) institute brought students from Alliance high schools to campus for a week to learn about issues of gender equity, belonging, access, and justice through hands-on learning with CSU faculty, CSU student mentors, and renowned mural artist Rose Jaffe.

David McIvor

Recent years have brought public mourning to the heart of American politics, as exemplified by the spread and power of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has gained force through its identification of pervasive social injustices with individual losses. The deaths of Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, and […]

Bruce Ronda

What connected the writers, thinkers, and social reformers who belonged to the American transcendentalist movement of the 1830s-50s? Despite their use of religious language, the answer is a thoroughly secular world view. For most of these figures, human flourishing was the goal of all human culture. A similar goal pervades their twentieth and twenty-first century […]