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    • Professor
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    • United States History: gender and sexuality social history environment
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    • Environmental Affairs and History
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    • Ph.D. Cornell University


Specializing in the history of women gender and sexuality along withProfessors LittleHindmarch-Watsonand Payne.Also specializing in environmental history along with Professors Fiege Howkins Orsi and Payne. In my research and teaching I am especially interested in ideas institutions experiences and relationships of power that are associated with modernity gender and with natural and built environments.I have published The 'Girl Problem': Female Sexual Delinquency in New York 1900-1930(Cornell University Press 1995 1997) and I co-edit with Sharon Block and Mary Beth Norton Major Problems in American Women's History: Documents and Essays now in its 5th edition with Cengage (2014). My articles essays and book chapters have appeared in theJournal of American History American Quarterly Small Worlds: Childhood and Adolescence in America 1850-1950 (1992)and Sexual Borderlands (2003).I am working on a number of article and book projects at the present time. One article examines intellectual efforts to challenge Americanmodernity s distortions of human and non-human nature in the 1960s writings of Jane Jacobs Rachel Carson and Betty Friedan. Another article project examines the history of the abortion environment in the United States since 1945 exploring changes in the built abortion environment in relationship to the law and to changing ideas about women's nature and the nature of the fetus. I am also working on a book on the environmental history of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park that examines the dynamic between recreational climbers park managers and natural resource scientists and evaluates their combined impacts on the mountain landscape over the course of the twentieth century.In addition to being a member of the History Department I am Faculty Council Chair of the Public Lands History Center at CSU. I provide administrative leadership in the Center and serve as a principal investigator on environmental social and oral history research projects for the National Park Service and other public lands agencies. The PLHC conducts historical research that helps natural and cultural resource managers develop effective and sustainable management practices. We actively pursue interdisciplinary partnerships with researchers and public lands managers. At present I am the principal investigator on three projects: 1) Oral Histories of the 2013 Flood in Northern Colorado; 2) Scotts Bluff National Monument: Social Cultural Tribal and Environmental Histories; 3) Parks as Portals to Learning: Restoration Practices Exotic Species and Environmental History in Rocky Mountain National Park. Regularly Taught ClassesHIST 151: U.S. since 1876HIST 349: U.S since 1945HIST 355: American Environmental HistoryHIST 359: Women in America Since 1800HIST 480a4: History of Sexuality in AmericaHIST 492: Capstone Seminar (varied topics in modern U.S. history)HIST 501: Historical Methods (focus is on the historiography of modernity)HIST 512: Reading Seminar: United States since 1876


  • Fall 2013 HIST 480a4 History of Sexuality in America

    This class, team taught with Dr. Ann Little, examines the history of sexuality in America as it relates to systems of power, identity, and agency that have been shaped by colonialism and nation-building, race and gender, class, industrialization, commerce, and science.

  • Spring 2014 HIST 355 American Environmental History

  • Spring 2014 HIST 512: Reading Seminar: United States since 1876