Nicole Archambeau

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Office: Clark B362

Role: Faculty

Position: Assistant Professor

  • Medieval History

Department: History


I am a social and cultural historian of healing. I take an integrative approach to the history of healing in the later Middle Ages, focusing on the intersection of learned medicine and religion. I am finishing a book that explores how a Mediterranean community experienced and tried to adapt to new dangers during the Hundred Years War and the first waves of plague. This project explores the dangers of war for non-combatants and combatants. It explores the experience of a new epidemic illness. And it explores the difficulties emerging in sacrament of penance.

I have published essays on testimonies about early waves of plague found in canonization inquests, the knowledge and practice of healing with relics, and the emotional impact of war in the fourteenth century.

I teach World History, Medieval Christianity, and Plants and Animals in the Middle Ages. I'm developing classes on medieval law, plague and public health, and the Silk Road.


PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara


Plants and Animals in the Middle Ages

HIST 309 Medieval Christianity

HIST 170 World History to 1500