Lindsey Middleton is a current master's student who hopes to serve as a science translator. Lindsey has a degree in Journalism (CSU, 2010) and a degree in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability (CSU, 2015). She worked for five years at the Colorado Water Institute as an Editor and has worked at the North Central Climate Science Center as a Communications Specialist since mid-2016. She has contributed to a communications plan for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for an agricultural community outreach campaign and has also worked on High Park Fire area watershed research conducting snow surveys and soil moisture gradient mapping. Lindsey hopes to use her master’s degree to improve her understanding of communications research and evaluation methods, and she would like to research the effectiveness of science communication.


Colorado Water newsletter (editor, August 2010-March 2016)

Edit and design of reports, informational handouts, and other scientific products, including: